Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Last week I made 4 sets of ear wires for 4 very different earring designs. This week’s tips will show you how to finish your ear wires to make them hold their shape and be more comfortable to wear!

Even though I always use a flush cutter on my ear wires, the ends of the wire can still have sharp edges. A wire rounder, also known as a cup burr, is the perfect tool for turning flat wire ends into rounded ones that are more comfortable to push through your ear lobes! Insert the wire into the cup of the wire rounder and twist the wire back and forth. The twisting motion files the wire against the burr inside the cup, smoothing and shaping the end.

The last step for making custom ear wires is hardening your wire. Hardening your ear wires helps them keep their shape as they’re handled and worn. Using a metal bench block and metal headed hammer would flatten your wire, as well as harden it. If you want to keep your wire round and un-textured, use a nylon or rubber bench block and hammer. Place your ear wire on the block and gently tap it with the hammer. The curve of the wire that rests in the ear lobe will get the most pressure, so pay special attention to that area.

For more tips on making your own ear wires and other findings check out our Techniques!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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