Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Most of the earrings I make use basic French ear wires or earring posts with loops. But every once in a while a design will demand a special ear wire that I just can’t find pre-made. Fortunately making custom ear wires is easy and with today’s tips you’ll be able to use objects around your house to make one of a kind ear wires!

To shape custom ear wires you’ll need round nose pliers, flush cutters and a form. Your form is what you’ll wrap your wire around to create the shape you want. In our technique for making a French Hoop Ear Wire we used a Sharpie, but as you’ll see you can form ear wires around just about anything! A Sharpie or other writing utensil makes a dainty pair of ear wires. You can use the tip of your round nose pliers to flip the end of the ear wire up for an added flourish.

The handle of my framing hammer makes a larger, funkier pair. Try adding an accent bead to your ear wires for extra fun!

A screw driver handle makes bigger hoops. When cutting wire for earring findings use the flush side of your cutters to make sure you leave a smooth end that won’t scratch the wearer.

And a wooden spoon creates oblong ear wires. Whatever you use as a form, try shaping two ear wires at once for a guaranteed matched set!

Come back next week for more tips on how to finish your custom ear wires!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


4 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Susannah

    What size wire do you use? If silver, hard, half hard, soft, etc?

  • Dawn Kay

    That’s awesome! I didn’t know how to make French Hoops.

  • Luzdeline Gonzalez


  • FusionBeads.com

    Hi Susannah!

    I used 20 gauge half hard wire to make these ear wires. 20 gauge is industry standard for earrings and the half hard is easy enough to manipulate, while still being hard enough to hold its shape.

    Happy beading!

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