Creating a Snowman Family Ornament!

It’s Christmas in July! Time to start thinking about all of the fun gift ideas to give your loved ones during the holiday season this year! If you still need some inspiration, you’re in luck! We have an adorable snowman family ornament idea for you that would be the perfect addition to your personal collection, another family members collection or even a friends collection!

We have an amazing selection of Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls in white, ivory and cream that make up a perfect snowman family! I chose to use the ivory for my own ornament.

You can easily make up to 7 snowmen in different sizes by using our 3mm crystal pearls up to our 16mm crystal pearls! I wire wrapped the following onto 22 gauge 2-inch and 3-inch head pins (for the larger beads):

3mm, 4mm and 5mm

4mm, 5mm and 6mm

5mm, 6mm and 8mm

6mm, 8mm and 10mm

8mm, 10mm and 12mm

10mm. 12mm and 14mm

12mm, 14mm and 16mm

You’re definitely going to need some tools for the next step of your ornament! You’ll want a decent size stamp set like the 6.4mm Letter and Number Metal Stamp Set, a 1 lb Heavy Brass Hammer and a Bench Block!

Using the Metal Stamping Technique you can stamp whatever name, year and/or words you wish onto a piece of Sheet Metal! I chose to use a 3×3 inch 24 Gauge Copper Sheet Metal. Once complete, you can punch the amount of holes you will need to create your snowman family using the 1.25mm Metal Hole Punch Pliers.  My ornament is going to have a family of five so I punched five holes along the bottom of my sheet metal. Also, make sure and punch two holes in the top corners for connecting the wire to hang your ornament. If there is extra space near the top and bottom of your stamped sheet metal, feel free to use our Narrow Blade Shears to trim it off!

You can use many products to patina or color your stamped letters, in this case I used the Denim Acrylic Paint Dabber by Ranger Inks and followed the Coloring Metal Stamped Letters Using Acrylic Paint Technique. I then added an assortment of Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls to a piece of wire and wire wrapped the ends to the two top holes of the sheet metal. This will allow you to hang your ornament! Using  7mm Silver Plated Base Metal 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings, I connected the wire wrapped snowmen to the punched out holes in the sheet metal.

Check it out! You now have an adorable snowman family ornament to display proudly in your home or give away as a gift to another special family in your life!


Happy Beading! – Allie

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