Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

A package of memory wire, 2 tools and a handful of beads is all you need to make quick and fun bracelets this summer! Stacked bracelets are all the rage and there’s no faster way to make or wear a set of these than memory wire. With this short supply list and today’s tips you’ll be making bracelets at home, outdoors and on the road!

Memory wire is perfect for simple bracelets because this hardened steel wire holds its pre-coiled shape very well as you work with it and wear it. But this same hardness also means you can’t use your regular cutters on it. Instead, use a Memory Wire Cutter or a pair of wire cutters from your household tool box. The shearing action of these special cutters means they can snip through memory wire without damaging their blades.

The other tool you’ll need to make a memory wire bracelet is your round nose pliers. Start your project by making a loop at the end of the coil of wire. Grab the end of the wire with your round nose pliers and hang on tight as you rotate the end of the wire away from the coil. This way the loop won’t dig into your arm when you wear your bracelet. Remember memory wire is extra hard, so you’ll have to use more muscle than normal to make your loop! Once you’ve finished stringing your beads made another loop at the other end of your coil. Check out our Finishing Memory Wire Technique to see all of these steps in action!

Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen


3 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • When working with Memory Wire, I find it easier to string the beads and then make the loops. Put a clip or stopper on the Wire so the beads don’t fall off the other end. That way, you won’t cut off more or less than you actually need.

  • I agree with Kathy’s tip above; this also allows your random bead stringing to look random, instead of ending up with larger or the same color beads lined up next to each other. Another tip is, the larger/heavier your beads you’re using are, the more rounds of wire you need to use. I made one once with 2 1/2 rounds and heavy glass beads and it kept flying off my wrist every time I made a gesture with that hand. Last but not least, the new oval-shaped wire works even better for bracelets than the round wire!

  • FusionBeads.com

    These are great tips Kathy and Betty! Thank you so much for adding your insights to this post. :)

    Happy beading!

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