Quick Start Peyote Cards to the Rescue!

OH MY GOSH! Can I just tell you how excited I am to learn about the Quick Start Peyote cards?! When I first saw them, I was a little skeptical. Not skeptical that they wouldn’t work, but more like, “Could it really be that helpful?” Well, let me tell you – I’m sold! Traditionally, to start a peyote pattern you have to string both the first and the second rows in the beginning. If your row 1 was blue and your row 2 was brown, you would have to string them up like this.

If following a more complicated pattern, you can understand how this could be confusing in the beginning. And if your beads accidently twist, then your pattern is really screwed up. That’s when I would have to pull it out and start all over. Pulling the beads out and starting all over is just part of the beading process, right? Or so I thought.

Along come the Quick Start Peyote cards to the rescue!

Start by folding the card in half.

Add your stop bead to the end of the thread. Then, thread your needle from the back side of the card through the small hole on the right side.

Fold card in half and go through the small hole on the fold. Pass under the first fold and exit through the first bead slot. This will position your thread so it is ready to add the first bead in the first row.

The slots in the card act just like a bead in the peyote stitch so the first row will sit down in the grooves of the card. Add one bead and go through the next bead slot.

Continue adding beads for the first row.

When the first row is done, you can easily start your second row. Just pass back through the first row beads sticking up adding one bead at a time.

Continue adding rows. Try to complete at least 4 rows before removing the beads from the card. This will insure that the beads won’t pull out.

To remove the beads, open the card and remove the stop bead.

Then, use the needle to gently pull the thread free from the card.

Ta-da! You can continue with your peyote project and you can use your card again and again! This is so easy, you won’t believe it. Try it and let me know if you love it as much as I do.


– Lindsay

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5 comments to Quick Start Peyote Cards to the Rescue!

  • Judy Wall

    Where can I purchase the QuickStart Peyote card?

  • Age 83 & holding, hope this could guide me!!

  • Donna

    These look wonderful, and I’m going to order them right now. FYI, you might want to fix the search engine so people can find them. Until I remembered the email blog was where you mentioned them, I was unable to find them by doing a search on the site. Fortunately you have the link in the blog.

  • Donna

    Nope, I take it back. The link in the blog doesn’t work now either. Hope that gets fixed before the sale ends!

  • Great idea. Will add to next order.
    Does anyone have suggestions on how to follow a design in peyote? I am having unbelievable time reading patterns.Geometrics aren’t too bad, once you see where the pattern is going. But abstracts just drive me crazy. I cannot keep track of which line I’m on. I just go into brain-freeze. Am I 1/2 bead up or down etc? Have done every type of beading for years but never had such mental confusion before.! Have never seen suggestions in any peyote instuctions either.

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