Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Even the most precise crafter has an occasional mishap while working on a project. Today’s tips will help you keep your work space and yourself tidy when using ICE Resin!

Protect your work surface before starting a resin project by covering it with plastic. You can use plastic sheeting from the hardware store or a regular kitchen trash bag. Cut along the seams of the bag and lay it flat on your surface. I like using a few pieces of painters tape to secure the plastic and keep it from sliding around while I work. A stable and level work surface is also essential for getting a good resin pour. Smooth out any crinkles or folds from your plastic covering and make sure you’re work surface isn’t wobbly or leaning at an angle. You can check whether your surface is level with a carpenter’s level or a simple glass of water. Most furniture can be leveled out by tucking a few pieces of cardboard under the legs, but if you’re not able to correct the angle, consider working in a different space!

You want to protect your skin and clothing from resin drips and spills just as much as your work surface. I wear rubber gloves while working with ICE Resin to protect my hands and an apron over my clothes if I’m feeling extra clumsy! If you do have a spill it’s important to clean up the resin while it’s still wet. Once the resin cures you’ll have a very hard time removing it! Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning up wet resin, so I always keep a box handy when I’m pouring.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen


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