Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

It seems like everyone at Fusion has been bitten by the bead crochet bug! Many of my co-workers were sporting bead crochet bangle bracelets right after we introduced these techniques, but, even though I love the idea of bead crochet, I’ve struggled to do it myself. Trying these projects without any previous crochet experience was bewildering until I took the time to learn crochet skills without the added complication of beads. Learning basic crochet first helped me get familiar with the necessary hand motions, as well as how the hook and stringing material interact!

As someone who had never picked up a crochet hook before, I found our tiny bead crochet hooks and thin cords difficult to use. Instead I practiced with a much larger crochet hook, a Size J, and yarn from my knitting stash. The thicker hook and stringing material not only let me clearly see the pattern I was making, but also helped me find and correct my mistakes!

Once I got the hang of crocheting with just yarn, I also practiced my bead crochet in a bigger size! Most of our bead crochet projects use Size 8 Round Japanese Seed Beads, but to learn I switched to a Size 3. As long as they fit on your stringing material, you can use any larger beads from your stash as practice beads. Don’t worry if your beads don’t match your yarn. It’s a learning experience, so the finished project doesn’t have to look fabulous!

A few basic crochet books from the library, in-house coaching from more experienced crocheters, and a lot of practice has really helped me get the hang of this craft! Have you tried bead crochet yet?

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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