Introducing The Trinket Foundry!

Tart: (verb) Dress or make oneself up in order to look attractive.
To tart something up: To improve the appearance of something, typically in a way regarded as flashy or superficial.

If you absolutely adore artisan beads and charms like we do, then you will absolutely flip when you see our new Tart Charms, a fabulous line of upcycled treasures from the Trinket Foundry! Available in a variety of whimsical shapes, these eco-friendly beauties are bursting with bright colors and playful patterns! We were incredibly lucky to have the very talented founder of the Trinket Foundry, Cathy Collison, answer a few questions for us about her amazing artisan pieces. Here is what she shared with us:

How did you start making upcycled pieces?
I started making these pieces by accident. I wanted to try various silversmithing techniques and also mock up ideas for jewelry pieces. I used readily available and free or close to free materials to experiment and try out my ideas. I then realized these materials made great pieces and I didn’t need to make them in more precious materials such as sterling silver.

What inspires the Trinket Foundry line?
There is so much raw material out there just begging to be transformed! The challenges for me are what to make and how can I make it.

Tell me a little about how your upcycled pieces are created.
The “tart charms”, as we call them, are water-jet cut from filing cabinets or vintage silver plated trays. I paint the filing cabinet tarts in fun colors and patterns, and tumble the silver plated tarts to get them smooth and shiny and to show off the pretty patterns from the tray.

What is your favorite design that you’ve made so far?
I think it’s the bird. They look so fun in just about any piece of jewelry.

Are there any new designs you are working on?

More flower shapes. I love stacking them in pieces and I want more variety. Also, a bird with a center hole to use as a button or a clasp. I am always curious what other shapes people would like to have and am open to suggestions.


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cathy!

Happy Beading! –Gabby


7 comments to Introducing The Trinket Foundry!

  • These are so wonderful. I can believe the work that goes into them. Thank you!

  • I just love all that they make at the Trinket Foundry! So clever, so earth conscious and so very charming! So nice to see them represented here. Enjoy the day. Erin

  • Susan MacWilliams

    I love to see how things are made, so maybe a video of her process? She is an inspiration. Treasures are all around, we just need to open our eyes to see them for what they are. That goes for people, as well.

  • Yes! I am looking forward to the bird with the center hole. My mother saw one used as a clasp at the Trinket Foundry booth at Bead & Button, and I want to get one for her. Thanks for making great recycled items!

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  • Debbie

    Just interested, so do I understand that you have no physical store? I’m going to Seattle and was planning to stop in but see the Seattle store closed but wasn’t sure if you had another store ?



    Hi Debbie,

    Sadly yes, we no longer have a store front to visit. We only have our online store.

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