Fun Summer Jewelry Trends!

A lot of the trends you’ll see this summer have trickled in from spring and even as far back as last summer! From bold neon to subtle floral print, this summer’s jewelry trends have endless possibilities for accessorizing those flowing sun dresses or cute rompers and over-sized shades! Here are just a few of the fun summer jewelry trends you can look forward to this year!


Of course emerald continues to be the big color of the year! Add a touch of emerald or make a bigger statement with your whole wardrobe! Our Globetrotter Bracelet is a perfect accent for that rich emerald dress. It features the fun new Swarovski Elements Crystal Globe Beads in beautiful shades of green! Our Forest Fantasy earrings add a great splash of emerald for a subtle yet colorful look to add to that perfect floral skirt!










Neon accessories aren’t going anywhere! They may even be bigger than ever this summer! Add a little pop of neon yellow in Blue Iris or add multiple neon colors in the trendy Mega-Watt wrapped cord bracelet. A little bit of neon goes a long way, but don’t hesitate to be bold as well this summer!









Stacked/Chunky Bracelets!

Stacked and chunky bracelets are all the rage this year, especially this summer! You’ll see a ton of themed bracelets that have a definite flow to them. Think beachy/nautical bracelets or a whole wrist highlighted in gold bangles! Add your sun hat to the mix and you’re definitely ready for this years beach parties! To get the look, try our Through The Woods bracelet or our fun stacked Fresco bracelets!










Floral adds a  soft side to your summer wardrobe. You can mix your floral accessories with solid or even larger geometric prints for a fun feminine feel! Both the As Sweet As You Bracelet and the Lovely Lilac Earrings would be a sweet addition to your summer look!










What trends are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Happy Beading! – Allie

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  • The Summer is my most favourite time of the year and as the sun is shining around Ireland at the moment and my favourite color is green, was pleased to read that Emerald is a big again this year. Any excuse for shopping!

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