Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There’s just no avoiding chain scraps. I almost always have a pile of random lengths of chain at the end of a project, but I save them because even the smallest scraps can be handy. With today’s tips you can cut down on waste and use more of your chain than you ever imagined!

Each time you purchase a new chain find out if its links are open or closed. If the links are closed you’ll lose one link when you cut off the length of chain you need. Sometimes you need the extra strength of a closed link chain, but I like using open link chain whenever possible. With an open link chain you can use your chain nose pliers to open a link at exactly the right spot, detach how much you need and then close the link. That way nothing is wasted!

No matter what type of links your chain has, you’ll always have leftovers. Fortunately there are plenty of projects that need short pieces of chain! Scraps 6 inches or longer are ideal for chain bracelets or for necklaces like Smoky in Silver that feature a wide focal piece.


Scraps that are several inches long make great tassels, like in our Blackbird Earrings, and are perfect for splicing in between wire wrapped links to make your very own custom chain, like our Hibiscus Dreams Necklace.


You can still use of the smallest bits of chain. For instance, our My Girl Ring () only uses 1 inch of chain! (I love this ring design because it not only helps you use up chain scraps, but a leftover bead as well.)

And even if you only have a few links of chain left you can always try using them as jump rings! How do you use your chain scraps?


Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen


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  • Wonderful tips Gretchen….I look forward to your tips every week!!!!

  • Amy K-P

    LOVE those earrings!

  • I often use chain scraps as dangles to dress up “not quite there” earrings. I had a pair of bronze leaves so I took some curb chain scraps. One got wrapped with crystals the other just dangles in front of the leaves for earrings. You can see pics of the earrings in my moonstone.mp.etsy.com shop.

  • I use scraps on Large Hole beads. Feed through and connect ends with jump ring. LHB become cool dangles.

  • I use them for earrings all the time, small chain for tassles and dangles, larger chain links as dangles themselves. I never throw away any chain bit!

  • if you have pieces that are a couple of inches long, they make great necklace and bracelet extenders.

    If you have lots of different chain scraps, you could connect them all in a pattern to make a unique figaro type chain.

    use small bits in resin projects for texture

    use a short length to wrap around a beadwoven bezel on a cabachon

    make slave bracelet/ring sets

    a toe ring!

    so many many ideas for small bits of chain…

  • FusionBeads.com

    Thank you all for sharing these fabulous ideas!

    Happy beading!

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