Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Stabilizing your camera minimizes the shaking and vibrations that can turn a perfectly framed jewelry photo into a blurry mess. The best way to make your camera stable is to use a tripod. But if you don’t have a tripod yet or find yourself unable to take a tripod to your photo shoots, […]

Thai Hill Tribe Silver


In the mountainous region along the border between Thailand and Myanmar live the indigenous people from six different tribes known collectively as the Hill Tribes. The largest of these tribes is the Karen Tribe; they live in houses that are on stilts, made of bamboo or teak. Traditionally […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Even the most precise crafter has an occasional mishap while working on a project. Today’s tips will help you keep your work space and yourself tidy when using ICE Resin!

Protect your work surface before starting a resin project by covering it with plastic. You can use plastic sheeting from the hardware store […]

Pinterest – A Design Tool

Pinterest is a great way to keep all your ideas and inspiration in one, easily accessible place. It’s structured in a pinboard layout, allowing you to see and organize all the beautiful images you’ve collected. There’s no limit to the amount of boards and pins you can have! Click on an image to see […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

It seems like everyone at Fusion has been bitten by the bead crochet bug! Many of my co-workers were sporting bead crochet bangle bracelets right after we introduced these techniques, but, even though I love the idea of bead crochet, I’ve struggled to do it myself. Trying these projects without any previous crochet […]

Introducing The Trinket Foundry!

Tart: (verb) Dress or make oneself up in order to look attractive. To tart something up: To improve the appearance of something, typically in a way regarded as flashy or superficial.

If you absolutely adore artisan beads and charms like we do, then you will absolutely flip when you see our new Tart Charms, […]