Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Now that the weather is warming up, everyone at Fusion Beads is showing off their bracelet collection. The shorter sleeves of spring and summer mean you have more arm real estate to decorate and the easiest bracelets to make are stretch bracelets! Today’s tips will help you make a whole new collection of summer bracelets in record time!

Just like a rubber band, elastic stringing materials degrade over their time and lose their stretch. Check the elasticity of your cord at the beginning of your project by unspooling a few inches and stretching it several times. If it doesn’t immediately snap back to its original length or breaks then it’s time to get new cord.

Add at least an extra 2 inches to the length of your cord so you have enough to hold on to when knotting or crimping your bracelet. Also keep the size of your beads in mind when cutting the cord for your project. Larger beads will take up more room on the inside of the bracelet once the ends are joined together, leaving less space for your wrist. I like to leave my Stretch Magic on the spool while I string my beads and test the length on my wrist as I work. This trick also means I don’t have to worry about beads slipping off the other end of my cord!

Be sure to check out our knotting and crimping techniques to find out more about how to finish your elastic cord projects!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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