Two-Hole Czech Glass Seed Beads: Double the Holes, Double the Fun

There is something almost intoxicating about looking at a wall of seed beads; all those shapes, sizes, colors and finishes are just the pick-me-up your creative soul needs sometimes. What better way to celebrate  their beauty and versatility than by experimenting with our exciting new selection of two-hole seed beads!  We are so excited to drag our fingers through these luscious little drops of glass! Just take a look and we know you’ll soon be swooning too!

1. Two-Hole Rulla Czech Seed Beads (3x5mm)

Like all of these beads, Rulla Czech seed beads are made of Czech pressed glass.  Their cylindrical shape features two side-drilled holes placed about 1.6mm apart. Measuring in at a delicate 3x5mm, these lovely beads can be combined with other seed beads in elaborate bead weaving projects or strung together with larger beads to achieve very interesting creative effects. They are very popular as structural elements and are even frequently used with just their round ends visible. Try them out with basic stringing and right-angle weave.

2. Two-Hole Twin Czech Seed Beads (2.5x5mm)

These Czech glass seed beads by Preciosa Ornela may be called twins, but their unique qualities are undeniable. These beads offer about 2.5mm between their side-drilled holes. When seen from the side, they have a slightly irregular oval shape, but their profile is fairly consistent. Try them in peyote or herringbone patterns for an exciting new texture with just a touch of the organic.

3. Two-Hole SuperDuo Czech Seed Beads (2.5×5.5mm)If the Czech Twins had a sibling, it would be the SuperDuos. However, like all siblings, there are some big differences which lend each an individual character. SuperDuos are slightly larger and feature a more consistently rectangular shape when viewed from the side. Their side-drilled holes are placed at slightly tapered ends around a wider middle, making the profile of the bead appear similar to an inverted figure-eight.  This makes them ideal for filling gaps or creating delicate bead-woven patterns like herringbone.

To show off their great structure, try out a right-angle weave bezel!

4. CzechMates Two-Hole Lentil Beads (2.6x6mm)

Don’t let their humble name fool you;  these two-hole lentils are anything but bland! Like their single-holed brethren, they are round with an ever-so-slightly-puffed coin shape. This unique shape makes them lovely in structured bead weaving and multi-strand stringing. They are specifically designed by CzechMates to match beautifully with the rest of their two-hole line, including tiles, bricks and daggers. These are my personal favorite of the new line and I adore the selection of organic colors and textures available.

They look incredible paired with SuperDuos in a chunky peyote stitch, but don’t take my word for it, check them out!

5. CzechMates Two-Hole Brick Beads (3x6mm)

Tile and brick beads have a long history in jewelry making; originally produced in the 1930’s as a staple element of the art deco movement, they went out of production and are now making a comeback in grand style. These brick beads by Czechmates are incredibly durable, pressed Czech glass.  Their rounded corners are less fragile and less likely to damage thread or stringing materials than Tila beads. Like the lentils, they are designed to be compatible with not just single-hole seed beads but also the rest of the CzechMates two-hole line.

The bricks are lovely in square and brick stitch and you can even try herringbone for a neat chevron effect.

6. CzechMates Two-Hole Dagger Beads (5x6mm)

If you love single-hole daggers, these CzechMates two-hole dagger beads will knock your socks off! With their extra hole, the options and versatility of this shape increase tenfold, taking simple flowers and turning them into major structural pieces. Layered thickly or beaded in fringe, their unique texture and smooth forms are evocative of the delicate tendrils of a sea anemone.

All of these lovely Czech glass beads are filled to the brim with artistic flair while also providing an amazing structural component for your bead weaving projects. Because they are pressed glass, their corners are rounded and smooth making them comfortable to wear and easy on your stringing and weaving materials. As an added bonus, they are drilled and sized to be compatible with each other and their single-hole counterparts.  Don’t wait to nab a few different options to play with.  They say the sky’s the limit but, in this case, I think it’s safe to say that it’s time to put a few more footsteps on the moon!

Happy weaving! –Sarah

PS: Don’t forget to check out all our new colors of CzechMates square tiles!

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