Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to Julie P, on winning this fun assortment of seed bead mixes and bead crochet supplies! We hope you enjoy!

It’s time to mix it up! We here at are giving away an amazing selection of size 11 and size 8 seed bead mixes as well as all of the supplies you would need to make amazing bead crochet pieces! Have you learned how to bead crochet yet? If not, check out our helpful Bead Crochet Techniques at for detailed step-by-step instructions! One lucky winner is going to receive everything you see in this photo which includes: 6 different Size 8 Seed Bead Mixes, 6 different Size 11 Seed Bead Mixes, Superlon Bead Cord, Bead Crochet Hook, Tulip Tapestry Needle Set and Twisted Needles! If you would like a more detailed description of what is available in this giveaway click here! For a chance to win this colorful mix of seed beads and bead crochet supplies, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite colors to combine in a seed bead mix are! A winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

Good Luck! – Allie

866 comments to Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

  • Amy Andrews

    I love shades of teal and brown together. But I’m liking lime green with either purple or aqua and light blue. Pretty pretty!!!

  • Brittney McMurry

    I love a good spring mix with pastel or light greens, yellows, oranges, pinks and blues. It looks like a fresh spring garden!

  • Elizabeth Kucera

    I would love to win this contest. i am a disabled senior citizen and have been wanting to try this but have not been able to afford to get the beads and crochet thread to use.

  • Lindsay

    I love the shiny silver colors, black, orange, red, iridescent, turquoise. So fun!

  • Shirley YoungeDyke

    I love shades of purple,teal and blue,

    Shirley YoungeDyke

  • Rosaly Davidson

    Peacock colours – Blues, Purples, Greens, Black and Gold

  • Rebecca

    Amethyst, olive, and gold is my favorite combination…not sure how it would work in a bead mix, though.

  • Betsy Loudon

    I love all the colors of the rainbow! That’s why I named my jewelry business Chasing Rainbows!!

  • Bernice

    Orages, browns, and golds. Autumn and pumpkins!

  • Kathleen S

    Hi, I love beads and all shades of blue. Mostly Aquas. Combined with corals, greens and pinks. Thank you.

  • Suzabell

    I like to mix reds, pinks, lavenders, and shiny creams together to make flowers.

  • tina narushof

    i think a nice black and gold or any color with black
    and thanks for giving us a great giveaway this would be enough to keep anyone busy for the summer so thanks

  • I am really digging the green and pink right now. I also love bronze, blue, and black.

  • Kathryn Phillips

    Blues, purples, and silvers look very pretty to me.

  • rosie lavelle

    love crocheting with beads. it’s pretty easy. i love all the colors of the beads in the giveaway.

  • Jan

    I like blue/aqua/green, also multi-shades of purple, and purple/grey mix.

  • Mililani

    Black cord with different color seed beads..

  • Carol

    I love the pearls, whites, clears…very classy!

  • Kasey Thompson

    I love turquoise and brown together. Mother nature knows her colors!

  • what fun i could have!

  • Michele W

    Love pink and green, reminds me of a seashell .

  • Amanda

    Oh my goodness the things I could do. I love earth tone colors. I also love pinks with purples and greens. Thanks so much for giving us an opportunity to win some things to help inspire our creativity!

  • Ann

    Blues and greens!

  • I just took a look at the kinds and colors of this seed bead giveaway! I just love them! I love combinations of colors that you are including! I know how to crochet, but I’ve never crocheted with beads. I would love to learn how and with this giveaway it will be much easier to do! You inspire me as well!

  • Awatts

    Orange and Purple, Pink and Cream are great combos for seed beads!

  • Darcy

    I like mixing purples with golds, purples w pinks, i love black, silver, and grays, i love working 3 shades. Of one color and adding a totally contrast color to the mix, i also love the combo blue, yellow, link, purple, and lime green.

  • Darcy

    I like mixing purples with golds, purples w pinks, i love black, silver, and grays, i love working 3 shades. Of one color and adding a totally contrast color to the mix, i also love the combo blue, yellow, pink, purple, and lime green.

  • Sharmane Riley

    I love mixing light green with dark green. I also love blue beads with green. Green is the color for this year!!!!

  • sue

    lovely prize and my fav colours to mix are blue, purple and green in any shades and hues.

  • Debbie

    Aquas, greens, bronze, purple…

  • Norma Bush

    I love to mix peach, coral, cream, pale rose and lavendar.

  • Katie Nunez

    Lately I’ve been in love with a summer mix of yellow, lime, clear lined with blue, and translucent red. I just completed my first wire crochet project with beads for the Bead Soup Blog Party 7. It turned out so well, I’m “hooked”!

  • Ginny Bingham

    I have used a red, white and blue pattern in the past and it came out great. I also like an ab mix of different shades of blue and purple.

  • I love earth tones like browns, bronze, beige and rusts because I love combining with semi precious cabachons

  • Kay

    I like reds, pinks and purples together. Although lately I’ve been leaning towards greens (like lime), yellows and sometimes oranges mixed in. Would love to win this and learn how to bead crochet.

  • I love anything that shines and sparkles in the sunlight, but especially blue. And green… oh, and don’t forget the clear, bright white crystal!!

  • Kim

    I like blues, purples and silvers together. This would be great. I’d love to learn to do this.

  • jotem

    I specialy like to mix bronze with all kind of colors… Blues and oranges, purples and greens…so many great seed beads colors… i would like to have them all..the colorlined are my best ones. Thanks for your great giveaway!

  • Kim L.

    Love the dark, jewel tone colors – greens, browns, deep reds and blues.

  • I’m a big fan of blues and greens together. And the giveaway is on my birthday! So I am definitely hoping for beaded birthday goodness. :)

  • PBurr

    As I bead, I love blues and greens, but have really enjoyed mixing greens, purples, and orange together.

  • Carolyn Chiodini

    I’ve tried crocheting with wire and loved the results. I’m looking forward to trying it with the cords. I love the beach colors especially at this time of year.

  • Serena

    I love oranges and reds with purple and fuchsia and bronze colors. Would really love to win this one. I’m really hooked on seed beading anything. Please pick me. Purty purty purty please!

  • What a great package. Sea colors or earth tone colors.

  • Sue

    I need to win this one. Bead crochet is such fun. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Toni Tuspm

    Wow, I love playing with seed beads but have never tried crochet! Would love to have this great package.

  • janet

    This giveaway looks so fun!! I haven’t tried bead crochet yet but I definitely want to!

  • Michele A

    I love to mix gold, brown, and turquoise!

  • Roberta

    I like blues and greys in a variety of finishes, like a stormy sky over the sea.