Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to Julie P, on winning this fun assortment of seed bead mixes and bead crochet supplies! We hope you enjoy!

It’s time to mix it up! We here at are giving away an amazing selection of size 11 and size 8 seed bead mixes as well as all of the supplies you would need to make amazing bead crochet pieces! Have you learned how to bead crochet yet? If not, check out our helpful Bead Crochet Techniques at for detailed step-by-step instructions! One lucky winner is going to receive everything you see in this photo which includes: 6 different Size 8 Seed Bead Mixes, 6 different Size 11 Seed Bead Mixes, Superlon Bead Cord, Bead Crochet Hook, Tulip Tapestry Needle Set and Twisted Needles! If you would like a more detailed description of what is available in this giveaway click here! For a chance to win this colorful mix of seed beads and bead crochet supplies, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite colors to combine in a seed bead mix are! A winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

Good Luck! – Allie

866 comments to Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

  • Adelaida

    Transparent, White & gold. Yellow too.

  • Becky

    Fusion’s “Cowboy” mix is one of my favorites!

  • Nicole Richards

    I love Peacock and Indigo.

  • Kalina

    I’m running low on everything – all colors rich and unique.

  • leslie

    pastels or primary colors

  • Blues with blk & silver, earth tones

  • Helen Crosson

    I love using tropical brights, especially oranges combined with blue’s or browns! Super cool giveaway, ty!

  • Kimmie

    I love beading. Some of my favorite combinations have blues and greens or gold, red, brown, or black in them. My other favorite was Mardi gras theme containing purple, gold, and teal.

  • Carolyn

    Black and silver, with a bright color like hot pink. I love making ropes!

  • Laura Single

    Beachy & Denim colors are my favorites! Would Love to play with this assortment!

  • Christina

    Right now I really like using neon colors, but I’ve always loved using teal, black, and white combos

  • Kristi Miller

    Love turquoise, fushia, bright green, and tangerine!!!

  • I really liked a raspberry & lime friendship bracelet I made recently. Been exploring those ranges lately.

    Looks like I may find what I’m looking for in the ‘Vineyard’ groups.

    I’m curious about bead crochet now. Thanks for a chance to win and try for myself!

    Pam Hoffman

  • I’ve always loved red and white

  • Jessica P

    I love jewel tones- fushia, green, teal….

  • Victoria O'Neill

    I’ve been wanting to learn bead crochet so I would love to win this! When I think of summer, I think of red, white and blue. I just love color period. Sometimes I like the primary colors, sometimes the cool pinks purples and blues, sometimes the warms browns, oranges and rusts. I love them all!

  • After naming my jewelry company Teal Bliss Jewelry, clearly my favorite color combination for anything is teals and blues and greens with either silver or gold accents.

  • Donna

    Black and white or shades of purple

  • Cheryl Hendrichs

    I absolutely LOVE the color combinations put together for this give away!!! Reminds me of summer fun by the ocean or sitting by my pool!!

  • Ami

    Tans, browns & beige : all earthy tones

  • joanne darrell

    My favorite colors to mix are orange and white.

  • Donna Reed

    blue, green and purple

  • Julie Moussot

    I love iridescent blues, purples, teals and greens mixed with silver! I’d love to win this giveaway… I just learned how to crochet with yarn two years ago and I’m ready to mix it up with beads!

  • Molly

    I love to mix unusual colors. But my favorite combination is various turquoise shades with a random brown thrown in for contrast.

  • Linda Donovan

    I love to combine different shades of blue, purple and green and have long wanted to learn the art of crochet with beads!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  • Bead crochet is so much fun!

  • Deby WIne

    Please Please I want to win! My sister is a knitter and can help me learn this technique. I love the beads and am waiting on my last order from you!!!!

  • turquiose and gold, sky blue and black

  • Lorissa Kinna

    I love when unexpected colours are mixed together. Like brown and turquoise! They look beautiful together!

  • Donna Chambers

    I love the blues and purples but really I love all of the colors good luck everyone.

  • Heidi Varden

    I love to do gradient color mixes. from the darkest shades to almost white or white if needed. Because i love all colors, i typically change with the seasons. Which tends to lead to a very heavy bead bag. lol

  • Maydean Tilton

    Blues purples browns or golds

  • Christine Sherriffs

    Pinks, greys and black!!! Oh yeah!!!

  • Mary Reeves

    I love teal, purple,blues and greens together.

  • Ragina Young

    I loves the colors of Blue Montana and Air Blue Opal.

  • Christine Sherriffs

    Pinks, greys and black!!! Oh yeah!!!

  • Pamela Jopson

    I love your Cowgirl mix, Jewel and Tropicana, and that’s just for starters!

  • Donna Ogden

    Me wants!

  • felicia

    I have been meaning to try this technique! Winning would be an awesome incentive

  • I love gold tones, but I do like gem colors to brighten up any outfit.

  • Sue J

    beachy and tropical brights are my favorite beads for this season.

  • Kate Nkognito

    I LOVE BEADED CROCHET!! My favorite mix is light greens or multicolor metallic.

  • Pamela Partlow

    I really love aquamarine, pearl and gold

  • Peggy Russell

    I’ve been wanting to learn bead crochet! All colors are beautiful! All favorites on my end.

  • I love to mix Purples and Gun Metals, they always look good together.

  • Alexis Vincent

    I love dark blue with silver! Made a bracelet just the other day.

  • julia

    i like being creative with all different colors i love t mix and match to see if it works :)
    i croche, embrouder and make jewelry for family and friends.teaching my daughter how to do it now :)

  • Ronda

    All different shades of purple, mixed with silver, or mixed metallics (gold, silver, copper).

  • Karen G

    it’s a toss up for my fave color mixes.. sea colors: teal, blue, pale green, frosty white or fire colors: red, orange, yellow.
    Good luck to every one..n and thank you Fusion Beads!

  • Debi

    Purples, blues, peacock….