Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to Julie P, on winning this fun assortment of seed bead mixes and bead crochet supplies! We hope you enjoy!

It’s time to mix it up! We here at are giving away an amazing selection of size 11 and size 8 seed bead mixes as well as all of the supplies you would need to make amazing bead crochet pieces! Have you learned how to bead crochet yet? If not, check out our helpful Bead Crochet Techniques at for detailed step-by-step instructions! One lucky winner is going to receive everything you see in this photo which includes: 6 different Size 8 Seed Bead Mixes, 6 different Size 11 Seed Bead Mixes, Superlon Bead Cord, Bead Crochet Hook, Tulip Tapestry Needle Set and Twisted Needles! If you would like a more detailed description of what is available in this giveaway click here! For a chance to win this colorful mix of seed beads and bead crochet supplies, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favorite colors to combine in a seed bead mix are! A winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

Good Luck! – Allie

866 comments to Seed Bead Mix It Up With Bead Crochet Giveaway!

  • Charlene Kenney

    Seed beads are definitely an obsession! Can NEVER have too many, and they always need replenishing!!!!!

  • Love the Golds and Red color mixes!! Lovely!!

  • Rosini Simonetta

    Salve a tutti, partecipo volentieri se è permesso anche a me. Amo il blu in tutte le sue sfumature, il verde acqua, il viola, il bordeaux e l’argento. Congratulazioni in anticipo alla fortunata che vincerà, e grazie a chi ha avuto l’iniziativa del concorso. :)

  • Debra Merkel

    I love the earth tones, brown, green, amber, deep red and so on. My favorites are the Czech Picasso beads, I use them to make beaded leather wrap bracelets but have wanted to start using crochet to make bracelets and necklaces. Thanks for the chance to win all of these beads!

  • federica

    my favorite colors are green, red and turquoise. thank you for this opportunity!!!

  • Grazie per l’occasione ,i miei colori preferiti sono i verdi,rosa e viola .
    condivido in facebook ( Claudia girelli Sandrini )

  • Leah Steel

    My go to combination is always ocean inspired…watery blues and greens with a touch of shine. Every now and then I force myself to use other portions of the color wheel but I keep coming back to blues and greens.

  • i love all colors … thanks for the chance to win it

  • Catherine Clark

    Blues and greens of the sea. Black, Grey and crystal.

  • clara

    I colori che preferisco sono , verde ,azzurro , bronzo.

  • I colori che preferisco sono : verde ,azzurro e bronzo

  • I colori che preferisco sono verde ,azzurro e bronzo

  • That’s really sweet of you to give us this chance.
    I like autumn tones

  • Jane Morris Coons

    I love 2 different mixes – I have one called “Purple Haze” from a local bead shop – it has purples, lavenders, greens – all iridescent. I also like fall colors mixed – red, orange, yellow, brown, and a little green. I’m trying to make a Hunger Games “Girl on Fire” mix with red, reddish orange, orange, and yellow. I just LOVE bead mixes <3.

  • Sharon Lane

    Wonderful colors, hope I win!!
    Thank you.

  • Partecipo e condivido
    E i miei colori prefiti sono fuxia,bianco,azzurro,argento.

  • J.C. Drost

    I love seed bead color combos. My favorite this time of year is the beach/waves colors. So many possibilities.

  • Marina Feltrin

    How wonderful opportunity!
    May 16 will be my birthday so it would be a fantastic gift!
    I love all the blue, purple, green, gold and silver!
    Cross my fingers! Thank you.

  • I love crochet, but I’ve never tried bead crochet and I love to!
    My favourite colors are turquoise, fucsia and gold.
    Many thanks for this opportunity!

  • Jennifer Saville

    I finally learned crocheting with beads it took me a few times but now I love it. These colors would look wonderful crocheted into a bracelet or necklace!

  • I love crochet but it was a long time I have not practice it … My favorite color mixed are turquoise, bronze, gold or rose, bright silver, fushia.

  • Crystal Thain

    How many color combinations could I list – lots. But my favorite is matte black, matte garnet red and a dark matte blue.

  • Cheryl Sherry

    I love purples and teals. But I enjoy working with lots of other colors. I try to make something for every color that I wear and lately that has been a few. Reds and fuschias are another of my favorites. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway.

  • katrina

    I love earth col
    ours and blues and greens.

  • thank you for this giveaway ! my favorite colors are pink, purple, gold, silver, bronze, grey … and a love crochet ropes !!!

  • Sandy Bonesteel

    My favorite colors to combine in a seed bead mix are amber and gold. I think it looks stunning.

  • wanda

    Io amo molto il verde e argento e verde e oro, ma più tra tutti l’abbinamento verde/rosa/viola :)

  • luisa di gennaro

    Amo tutti i colori tranne i blu e i suoi derivati

  • barbara fierimonte

    grazie mille per darci questa possibilità…vincere materiale per creare è il sogno di tutte le creative!!! i miei colori preferiti sono il blu e il verde in tutte le sfumature e il bianco e nero.

  • barbara fierimonte

    grazie mille per il giveaway…vincere è il sogno di tutte!!! io adoro il blu e il verde in tutte le sfumature e il bianco e nero.

  • Christine Potter

    I love, love, love seed beads. My favorite color is varying shades of blue.

  • Kathy Thompson

    I especially love the colors in your beach and watermelon mixes. I’ve used them as the starting point for many jewelry sets. This giveaway is fantastic!

  • Pamela Moncrief

    I love blues and greens that combine to look like the sea.

  • I love to combine bronze, chocolate and orange… decadent!

  • I am a “seed bead fanatic!”
    Any size, any color, any shape omg!
    And you have them all….

    Addicted~ :D

  • Il mio abbinamento preferito è Oro-turchese. Ciaoo

  • FraMe

    Grazie per l’opportunità, direi: bianco, nero, verde acqua e azzurro. ^_^

  • Gail Fleisher

    Love the purples and blues of which there seem to be many. Also love playing with mixes and have been thinking about learning to crochet with beads. This will be my incentive to do so immediately!

  • Barbara C

    Love the multi-colors. I am just trying to learn the crochet method and I can’t wait to get started. You rock Fusion!

  • pia

    Magari potessi vincere queste perline ho comprato da fusionbeads anche se poi ho pagato un sacco di soldi per ka dogana. Pazienza speriamo che vincendo queste perline possa rifarmi

  • Amy Seloover

    I would love to see an autumnal mix with reds, oranges, yellows with a hint of dark green thrown in.

  • Brinna

    Wow I have never tried bead crochet! My favorite color combination is blues and greens, ocean tones mixed together to create a sea of beautiful!

  • I’m currently in the middle of designing a Cellini spiral with purples, blues, and blacks, with a silver accent stripe around the main curl. I’m so excited :)

  • Shelley

    I love the blues, greens and yellows and the pinks, brown, green, yellows too. So many possibilities when you are bead crocheting.

  • Diane P

    I just bought an instruction book on bead crochet, and I’d love to start out with this cache!

    My staple favorites are blues and purples. I like to use different color types–some AB, some solid, some interior color-lined, maybe some metallic shades–and work with a mixture of rounds and Delicas, occasionally using some charlotte beads.

    One of my “exercises” is to step out of my color comfort zone and use some of the beads I loved enough to buy, but that are still untouched, because I don’t normally use that shade.

  • Jill D

    I like greens and whites and blues. Reminds me of the ocean.

  • Helen Kinser

    I’m enjoying time spent working with seed beads. It would be exciting to have such lovely colors to work with!

  • Peggy S

    I love purples from mattes to shiny and pinks thrown in too, so many choices and so much fun.

  • Ann

    I like using a turquoise, pearls, and seed beads with a bluish/purple shine. It completely makes anything you do into a unique SW style without the bright bold colors, but still gives it class.

  • Mary Redman

    I love the chocolate colors—browns, light brown, tans….with a little turquoise added in.