Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Lanyards are a very practical way to carry essential items! These accessories are great if you chronically misplace your reading glasses or keys. Lanyards are also a wonderful way to display a work or special event badge. Today’s tips will have you making your own handy, custom lanyard in no time!

Most lanyards are one continuous length and don’t have a clasp. Use a flexible tape measure, (like your pink Fusion Beads tape measure,) to figure out what length is easiest for you to slip over your head.  30 inches works well for most people, but if you wear your hair in up-dos you may want to add an extra inch or two.

Keep in mind what you’ll be hanging from your lanyard when you choose your supplies. If you plan to use it for keys, choose a strong, durable stringing material like beading wire or cord and string beads that are comfortable against your skin. The weight of an ID badge won’t make bicones dig in to your neck, but a set of keys will!

When choosing a center piece for your lanyard, make sure it’s compatible with whatever you’ll be carrying . Wire components are a great choice to hold reading glasses or ID badges that already have a clip attached. Pick a component that’s open enough for the ear piece your frames to fit through or small enough for the jaws of the ID badge clip to grip. You can also use a large swivel lobster clasp as your center piece. A swivel feature means you don’t have to worry about which way you put on your lanyard, since you can always face your badge in the right direction!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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