Fun and Fashionable Lanyards!

This week is both Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurses Week! To celebrate, we created beautiful new lanyard designs for teachers and nurses to carry their ID badges on! Lanyards are a useful accessory to have handy, but they definitely don’t need to be plain or boring. In fact, you can turn your lanyard into a gorgeous beaded creation that can double as a statement jewelry piece for after-work activities!

The secret to making your lanyard dual-purpose is to make sure that the clip that holds your ID badge is easily removable from the rest of the piece. Take our Canyon Sunset Lanyard, for example. A large lobster claw clasp attaches to your ID, but at the other end of the large clasp is yet another lobster claw clasp that attaches to the chain in the lanyard. Once you remove that clasp from the chain, what do you have? A gorgeous chain and gemstone piece that can be wrapped around your wrist to create a multistrand bracelet!

A lobster claw clasp isn’t the only method to make your ID detachable. In our Denim Spiral Lanyard, we created a loop of peyote stitch to attach the ID clip to. This loop can slide over the spiral rope stitch for easy removal. (Make sure that your lanyard has a clasp in back if you use this method – your peyote loop needs an end to slide off of!) Once the loop is removed, you can wear your lanyard as a long necklace!

Do you have any other fun ways to wear your lanyard, or have you customized your own lanyard? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Beading! –Gabby

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