Beautiful Beaded Rosaries

Rosaries are a classic gift to give to those who are about to receive a sacrament (such as Eucharist or Confirmation) or participate in a momentous religious ceremony. If you have a relative or loved one who will be undergoing one of these occasions soon, try your hand at creating a customized rosary for them as a thoughtful, heartfelt gift for their big day!

One of the most popular methods of creating a rosary is to connect the beads using simple wire loops or wire wrapped loops, as seen in our Rose Rosary inspiration design. This method can be a little intimidating for beginners due to the volume of wire working that makes up the piece, but the results are stunning!

Want to make a full-length rosary but don’t want to use wire working? Simply string up your beads on beading wire and use the crimping technique instead! To create space between the larger beads, you can use small seed beads to fill the gaps and accent your piece. In my blue pearl rosary above, I strung my rosary on Fine Soft Flex, using Light Blue Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls and antique gold plated pewter beads by TierraCast as my main beads and tiny 15/0 round Japanese seed beads as spacers. To protect the wire, I put wire guardians on my beading wire before I crimped it onto the connector and the crucifix.

Another classic design option that you can utilize is to make a rosary decade bracelet. As the name implies, a decade bracelet only features one decade, as opposed to a full-length rosary’s five decades. Decade bracelets made with wire loops are very popular, as are strung versions like our Decade Bracelet inspiration piece. Instead of using tiny seed beads, we spaced the main beads on our bracelet with Swarovski Elements Crystal Bicones to add extra sparkle and color.

Bracelets don’t have to be limited to just decade bracelets – you can also create full-length rosaries in bracelet form as well! The wrapped cord technique will work well to create a more organic bracelet, or you can use memory wire to create a stacked bracelet effect. For my memory wire rosary bracelet, I used round rosewood beads and matte green amazonite gemstone beads for the main beads and spaced them with small antique silver plated spacers by TierraCast. After finishing the memory wire, I dangled a small crucifix charm off the end with an open jump ring.

Have you used these techniques to create rosaries, or do you have any other techniques you like to use? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Beading! –Gabby

7 comments to Beautiful Beaded Rosaries

  • This is a wonderful idea of making memory wire bracelet or even the bracelet idea….who says that roserys have to be “old school”!!!! Thanks for the tips!!

  • when I can afford it, I want to make one of these to give me solace since we lost our amazing son Robert last summer. I will use the new blue elements I saw today and look for matching Czech beads. I think it will give me great pleaure to make this. xox jean

  • Kathy

    They are all beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Gloria

    Can anyone suggest a way to make the rosary more masculine? I don’t think my nephew would appreciate it if I made him a memory wire one like his mom’s and sister’s…. just sayin’….
    Thanks for your suggestions….

  • To make a rosary more masculine, use wood beads with smaller wooden spacers. Sometimes I use all black, different sizes but with no feminine beads.

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