April Showers Bring May Flowers Giveaway!

This giveaway has ended! Congratulations to Lissa S, on winning all of these fun and colorful spring beads and pendants! We hope you enjoy!

April showers are bringing may flowers at FusionBeads.com! What better way to kick off this time of year than to giveaway a colorful assortment of leaf and flower beads and pendants? One lucky winner is going to receive everything you see in this photo which includes glass, Swarovski Element Crystals, lucite, and more! If you would like a more detailed description of what is available in this giveaway click here! For a chance to win this colorful bouquet of flower and leaf beads and pendants, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what flower most inspires your creativity! A winner will be randomly selected on Thursday, May 2, 2013, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

Good Luck! – Allie

518 comments to April Showers Bring May Flowers Giveaway!

  • I make fairy jewelry so any flower with a bit of magic to it inspires me…I love the smell of lilacs that bring in the Spring, the dainty dance of wild violets in the woods and herbs like lavender and sweet woodruff.

  • I love peonies, but really all the spring flowers are my favorites too because it so refreshing to see color again after the gray of winter! That photo of the beads you’re giving away just makes me happy too! So many fun colors there!

  • Hannah Joy

    I have to choose just one?! I guess I’ll have to go with Daffodils and/or sunflowers, since they are my favorite flowers of all time! The yellow is so inspiring for me! :-)

  • I love roses. Not sure if it is the romantic symbolism or just how pretty and full they get. But I love them!

  • Holly L.

    I love spring bulbs! ALL of them; but my favorites are the Lily varieties.

  • Sandra Witas

    Love love love…flowers with whimsy…that look different from all sides.

  • Maryellen Siegel

    Honestly, and I know this might sound corny, but the flower that inspires me right now in these very difficult times….is the Peace Lily. Trying to incorporate soothing colors into peaceful designs figuring every little bit of peace might help!

  • Linda Little

    I love all flowers, but I would have to say, lilacs and lavender.

  • Debra W

    the Pansy, with it’s cute little monkey face and it’s multicolored petals. So precious.

  • Arloa Gilmore

    I like the tulip flower which I can make earrings.

  • Kathi Chapman


  • Anne Stegmann

    Petunias are my favorite garden flower. They come in so many beautiful colors, and stripes, and bloom all summer long. They are a major feature in my garden!

  • Sarah Slye

    It’s hard to pick one, Daffodils and Hyacinth are my favorites though.

  • Lotta

    I love the delicacy of cherry blossoms! Or the intensity of a wild flower meadow…

  • I love roses as they come in so many sizes and colours and are always elegant!

  • melissa dozier


  • KellyAnn

    Carnation’s… they have always been my favorite… and come in lot’s of colors so i do not have to pick a favorite color and they all smell great.

  • Mary Ciarkowski

    Every Spring I look forward to my little crocus patch blooming on the side of my house, the shades of purple and yellow bring hope for a new season and colorful jewelry design

  • I love all flowers, I’ve used lucite flower shapes and layered them in of my designs and I love how the bracelet turned out. Very colorful!

  • Beverly King

    I love the colors of the Moss Rose plant!

  • Brandi C.

    Wisteria has been my favorite flower with its lavender color and how it drapes.

  • Sarah Smith

    I love Daisies! They’ve been a favorite since childhood, but became even more so when I received a lovely bouquet of daisies from my in-laws after miscarrying a baby. Many people might find them depressing after that, but they were one of the very few things that brightened some very dark days. I love using daisies in jewelry, made of wire, beads, etc!

  • Sandy

    I think lillies inspire creativity since there are so many different varities. But I love roses, wildflowers and spring bulbs too!

  • Donna

    I love daisies, but wildflowers inspire me to be creative.

  • Carmen M

    I love roses. They are so perfect and beautiful!

  • Wendy Howerter

    I love my purple climbing clematis. Bright flowers can brighten your day.

  • Laura S

    I’ve always found calla lilies very inspiring.

  • Christine

    I love all flowers, how they’re beautiful and delicate- their many colors that make up each one. They all inspire me!

  • jacqueline leyva

    I love all kinds of flowers ! Especially gardenias! I just love gardenias and lilacs too!

  • Petunias and pansies – my late husband used to help his grandmother plant petunias every spring. Then he would weed her garden throughout the summer. Help me make my husband proud from above! Thank you.

  • Ashley

    Orchids are my all time favorite, but I also really love daffodils! So bright and happy!

  • I love poppies. The flowers are beautiful and colorful with an awesome center, the leaves are interesting, and the poppy pod is fantastic. I
    don’t think there is anything more lovely than a field full of bright poppies.

  • Debbie Rhodes

    I am always inspired by Stargazer lilies. Their beautiful color and magnificent fragrance bring out the artist in me!

  • Marion bush

    Fuchsias an lily of the valley are my favourites I love the flower faries

  • Anne H

    Love peonies. So fluffy and fun!

  • What a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Hydrangeas inspire me the most, since they remind me of my wedding.

  • Jennifer

    Love to create pieces around the tulips i have planted, especially the yellow and red of the Monte Flame and the purples of the Fringed Blue Heron tulip :) So many beautiful colors

  • I love the bright beautiful flowers of the Gerbera daisy!

  • Svetlana L

    I would have to say either lilacs or jasmin. They have an amazing aroma that changes the atmosphere wherever they are into a happy, sunny day! Especially in Seattle, where there is so much rain and lots of gray days, we need that reminding smell that sun is not too far away.

  • Joy Janick

    I love flowers for fairy jewelry! It’s hard to pick one flower … I would have to say Wisteria and Tiger Lilies are my favorite :)

  • Elizabeth Kucera

    I would love to win this. I spent my high school years out in the country. When I was working I would take breaks and lunches out side as long as it wasn’t raining. What can I say I love nature which is why I live in colorado.

  • Diana Jones

    I think I would have to say roses, if I had to choose only one. Roses come in many sizes and colors, and have many different smells, according to color. It tells me the sky is the limit on designing and creating jewelry.

  • Debbi G

    Pink roses really inspire me. There’s something just so delicate and girly about pink roses!

  • Cindy

    Roses have so many different colors many are traditional colors. But they are creating them is college school colors and mulit-colored variations in 1 flower. So cool!!

  • Brittney McMurry

    I love the way wisteria looks, like little bunches of grapes. I have several earrings I have made that resemble the cluster of wisteria.

  • cynthia ford

    the drama queen in me loves gladiolas and birds of paradise, but seeing the first violets peeking up in spring totally makes my eyes happy!

  • Kathy

    I love daisies

  • Anne Regazzi

    Since I learned how to make the Tulips on your site I am in love with flower and leaf beads…I love all flowers! I want to bead them all…