Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Mother’s Day is the perfect holiday for handmade gifts from the heart and this year I’m making my mom a personalized locket! Historically lockets have been used to hold good luck charms, portraits and photos of loved ones, locks of hair and other mementos. When filled with carefully chosen trinkets, they’re a wonderful way to make a completely unique piece of jewelry!

Bezel lockets show off your photo or image while protecting it. You can use them to showcase a family photo or a child’s artwork, like in our Peacock Love Necklace! Scan or take a photo of the image you want to use and reduce the size using a tool like Paint until it’s the right size for your locket. You can seal your image in resin for extra protection or use a little piece of double sided tape on the back of your image to make the locket reusable.

A glass keepsake pendant is perfect for when you want to give a special note or token that’s more three dimensional. Try hand-writing a sweet message and tying it up with a bit of string or ribbon. You can also include favorite beads, sand or pebbles from a favorite vacation destination or pressed flowers. There’s more room in these vials than you might think!

You can find more great ideas for Mother’s Day in our Make it Personal with Birthstone Jewelry post. Are you giving any handmade gifts this Mother’s Day?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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  • Sarah

    I love the idea of a glass keepsake pendant with a message in it. You have a nice blog here. Where would you suggest to start a blog for a person who never blogged before? I would greatly appreciate any input you could offer. Thank you for your time and patience.

  • Injoyed the blog learned a lot and enjoyed the projects.

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