Upcycle for Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! In today’s blog, I’m going to share with you just one of the fun ways you can support the Earth Day cause this year! There is an endless list of otherwise seemingly useless items that can be upcycled into amazing works of art like jewelry! You can find so many of these items throughout your home! Take a look at some of the creative ways I’ve decided to make upcycled jewelry designs for Earth Day this year!

One of the more popular ways I’ve seen to make upcycled jewelry is to make paper beads. You can make your own paper beads in many shapes and sizes by simply finding that old magazine lying around the house! I made this fun necklace below by cutting different length strips of magazine pages. I used Diamond Glaze, which is a water-based liquid adhesive that dries to a transparent, glass-like finish in 2-3 hours to coat the paper before and after rolling it into tube beads of various sizes! With head pins and some sparkling crystals, you can attach these paper beads to chain or any stringing material of your choice to make a fun necklace! This is a wonderful way to show off your crafty upcycling abilities!

If you have children, especially a little boy between the age of 5-11, then you probably have a ton of Lego pieces around the house. If it’s anything like my home, you’ve stepped on your fair share of them as well! Not all of his Legos will go to waste, but I though i’d think of something fun to do instead of throwing those stragglers away or putting them back in the never-ending Lego box of doom, so I decided to collect a few and show my support for my son’s Lego obsession! I’ve received so many compliments on these pieces and it even puts a great big  smile on my son’s face when he sees me wearing them! Using black and gray Legos, I made a funky necklace and bracelet by adding a jump ring to the backs where I wanted to connect the chain. I used a rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive called 5 Minute Epoxy that, once dry, will secure the jump ring to your Lego so you can use it in your jewelry designs! Where each Lego connects you add a drop of 5-Minute Epoxy as well. There are so many different ways you could design your own Lego jewelry! You can use one color, multiple colors or you can even paint them! For my bracelet, I added a neon yellow glass pearl to make it pop even more! The possibilities are endless and these pieces are oh-so-fun to create!

Everyone has clothes they decide they no longer need after a good spring cleaning. While donating your old belongings is always a great idea, you can keep a few fun prints that may have stains or rips and make jewelry out of them! I cut 1.5″ thick strips of a printed fabric and a solid red fabric about 8″ long and braided them to create this fun bracelet! To secure the ends to a fabric bracelet like this, you can use an Open End Bar Link and follow the Bead Embroidery Clasp Option – 1 Technique we have at FusionBeads.com! If you have even more fabric to go around, you can use this idea to make a colorful statement necklace as well!

If you want more great upcycling ideas, you can take a look at last years projects from our Upcycle Your Jewelry For Earth Day Blog!

Have you made any upcycled jewelry lately? We would love to hear about them in the comment box below, or better yet, you can show us your designs by posting your upcycled jewelry to our Facebook Timeline!

Happy Earth Day and Happy Beading! – Allie

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  • Amiee Lofruscio

    I absolutly love the lego necklace & bracelet!! I am going to have to find myself some lego’s and make one for myself!!

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