Preciosa – A New Way To Sparkle!

I’m very excited to announce that Fusion Beads has added a new line of crystal beads – Preciosa Czech Crystal! If you know me at all, you would know that I love crystal. I love the way the facets catch the light. I love the weight of it. I love the consistency when using it in a piece. Bottom line, I just plain love it!

This line is economical and includes all of your basic shapes like a bicone and a rondelle but it also has some fun pendant shapes that I can’t wait to get my hands on. A lot of my pieces that I make tend to have a lot of product in them – I like to make bauble bracelets and cluster earrings. So, I’m sure you can understand my excitement for this more economical line.

Whether you are a crystal lover or have never used crystals in your jewelry designs, I would highly encourage you to try out this new line. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and may even become a crystal lover like myself.


– Lindsay


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