Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

What do you do when you lose a single earring? Most of the earrings in my collection are handmade, either by me or a friend, which makes it hard to discard orphan earrings. Sometimes I’m able to get the materials to recreate a missing piece, but supplies could be out of stock, discontinued or too one-of-a-kind to replace. In other cases, I just don’t want to invest more time in recreating a difficult piece, especially if involves a lot of small wire wrapped loops! Instead I’ve started taking a wayward earring as an opportunity to make new jewelry and today’s trick will help you turn a tragedy into a triumph too!

One of the easiest ways to reuse a single earring is to turn it into a pendant!  The best earrings to do this transformation with are dangles attached to an ear wire or post with a single jump ring or simple loop. Remove the ear wire and replace it with a jump ring or bail large enough to fit your stringing material. Ready to wear chains, with the clasp already attached, can turn this into one of the easiest projects you’ll ever make!

Even if I’m not ready to use a single earring right away, I’ll often dismantle the parts and return them to my beading stash for future use. You never know when an extra ear wire or jump ring might come in handy! How have you saved single earrings from being thrown away?


Happy Tuesday! –Gretchen


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  • I have that problem right now, with a pair of earrings that were for sale in a local gallery and one ended up getting broken. I decided that I’m going to make a replacement earring out of similar material, but in a different design, so I’ll end up with an asymmetric pair. Wish me luck!

  • Kristina

    Great idea! I have a few of my own. If it’s a post earring, you can loop the post and make a little charm. With any earring big enough, you can take the earring part off and make a ring with it.

  • My heart was broken when I lost an earring I made which showcased a pair of matching bronze coin beads by Cynthia Thornton–they had eyes and rose cut sapphires on each one, and I had added gemstones to make my design. I put the remaining earring on a black rubber cord necklace, as a pendant. It was kind of like what you did.
    Then, OVER a month later, I found the second earring by the front door and rejoiced! :)

  • Wonderful idea Gretchen!!! I love all of your ideas!!!I have a few earrings like the and now I will make pendants out of them!!

  • […] for losing earrings and had a jewelry box full of lonely single earrings. There are plenty of fun things you can do with single earrings, but it’s always disappointing to reach up and discover a favorite piece of jewelry is […]

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