Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Every beader has different storage solutions for their beads. Some of us leave our beads in their labeled FusionBeads.com plastic bags, while others prefer transferring everything to seed bead tubes. Clear plastic storage boxes are great for stacking on shelves, but if you’re looking for an up-cycled storage solution, then today’s tip is for you!

The bottles spices and seasonings come in are easily re-purposed for storing small objects like beads and findings. Once you’ve used up the contents of a bottle leave the cap off for a few days to let it air out, especially if it has held a strong spice like cloves or cinnamon. Soak your bottle overnight in warm, soapy water to loosen the label and give it a good scrub to remove any lingering adhesive. Once the bottle is dry you can make your own cute label for its new contents! I like tying on tags instead of using adhesive labels so that I can reuse the bottles as needed. And if you start keeping your beads in spice jars, you can take advantage of the variety of spice racks available to hold your jars!


Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen


7 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Shaiha

    I have started using spice racks to store my crystals.

  • Chere Becker

    I tend to use empty prescription bottles.

  • Betty K. Price

    My husband likes eclipse chewing gum…I have found that the round plastic containers are great for larger beads. It has 2 openings, one for single bead pour and a large full flip top. They do not fit in a rack, but are very handy.

  • Cheryl Hill

    What a neat idea….thanks!!!!!

  • Karole Bowlds

    I up cycle prescription bottles for my head and eye pins, grated cheese jars, and any other small containers to store my larger amounts of Seed & Glass beads in. I keep my crystals in the little boxes inside a larger storage box with a handle, and my larger or heavier beads & pearls are stored in compartmentalized bead storage boxes. I have two double sided compartmentalized units with handles that I have put together a repairs kit, and a travel kit… for when I am doing shows.

  • SSowell

    I up cycle crystal light containers. They are large enought to hold several tubes of seed beads,


    spraying WD40 on sticky labels and leave for a bit will take them off nicely also and top rack of dishwasher to clean.

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