30 Day Bead Challenge Check In!

Hello, lovely Bead Challenge participants!

How is the challenge going for you? We here at Fusion Beads are very inspired and super impressed by all the amazing jewelry we are seeing posted to our Facebook wall. We really do have the best customers EVER! It makes this challenge so much more fulfilling to see you guys participating with us and sharing all your wonderful creations. Some of my personal favorite challenges so far includes the March 4th challenge, which was to learn a new bead weaving stitch. I chose Circular, Odd Count Peyote Stitch and I am IN LOVE!

I also really enjoyed the March 11th challenge, which was to use a found object in your jewelry. I used a Vintage nail and made it into a pendant! It was so much fun to think outside of the box.

What have been your favorites so far? I know it gets tough around the middle of the challenge, but I wanted to encourage you to stay strong and keep doing it as we all look forward to seeing your pieces posted to our Facebook timeline!

Bead strong!! – Sam


1 comment to 30 Day Bead Challenge Check In!

  • cheri

    It was decreasing on the circular odd count peyote stitch that throws me for a loop. I will try again when I have the time.

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