Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Rubber cords are an interesting alternative to more traditional fiber or leather stringing materials. These cords can create an edgy, industrial look in your jewelry and our recent addition of fun new colors make these extra hard to resist!

Rubber cord does behave a little differently than other stringing materials. If left tightly coiled or folded for an extended period of time it can retain that kinked shape. A fiber cord, like cotton or silk, can be hung overnight with a weight on each end to stretch out kinks. But using this trick on rubber cord can create more problems!

Instead, heat a small pot of water on your stove top. Drop your kinked rubber cord into the pot once the water is boiling. Fully submerge it in the water, count to 5 and pull it out. The hot water relaxes the rubber and helps it return to its original shape! I like using a pair of metal tongs to get the cord in and out of the pot. You can drain your cord in a colander, just like you would drain spaghetti, then lay it flat to dry. Once it’s dry your rubber cord will be smooth and ready to use!


Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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