March is National Craft Month!

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? To celebrate we thought it would be a fun idea to bead everyday for the entire month. So to inspire you we’ve created a 30 Day Bead Challenge that you can participate in to spark your creativity! Participate in our challenge everyday or pick and choose your favorite challenges or just be inspired by the idea to bead everyday for a month. We’ve even made a calendar for you to print out and keep at your beading table!

To get ready and prepped for the bead challenge, I’ve made a To Do list for myself. It doesn’t look very long, but I’m going to get started now so that I’ll be all ready on the 1st!

#1 Clean up my bead area – organize and figure out what I need to stock up on, create a pile to trade or donate, start project boxes so everything will be ready for me on March 1! So, my bead room is still in complete chaos from Christmas (this is kind of like still having your tree up in February, right?). I really needed to work on this first. Here are the before and after pictures. TaDa! All organized. My table is ready for beading, now I just need to keep it this way for the month! I love being able to find all my tools, beads and findings.


Before and After

#2 Find new inspiring ideas! I’ve combed through our inspiration gallery, beading magazines, Pinterest and made a new board on Pinterest to gather all the fun ideas I want to attempt to make this month! Check it out here! I’m sure I’ll keep coming across other fun ideas, so I’ll keep adding to it throughout the month. Start your own special board for the month to keep track of everything you want to make!

#3 Place an order to stock up for the month – make sure I get enough basics, like crimp beadshead pinsclaspsear wires and jump rings and why not throw in some beads for good measure! I hate running out of basics when I’m trying to get a project done! Do I have enough beading needles? Do I need to go to the craft or hardware store for anything?

#4 Countdown until the 1st – only 4 Days to go!

Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see all the fun pieces we are creating and share your own too! Can’t wait to see what you make!

Ready, Set, Craft!



4 comments to March is National Craft Month!

  • Chere Becker

    all great Ideas.. I had already cleaned up my area but now gonna have to do a bit more sorting so I can really be ready.. this is going to be fun.. hope I can keep up! Never done anything like this before.

  • Karen

    Interesting challenge. I wonder if I can keep it though. Kinda like a new years resolution. I never make it past week 2. LOL

  • Klista Hill

    This challenge is a great idea. I wish I had seen it earlier so that I had time to prepare. :-0 I am going to follow on Facebook and try to prticipate though!

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