Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2014!

Listen up fashionistas! Swarovski has just launched their Spring/Summer 2014 trend report. This season’s overall trend is aptly titled “Facets of a Woman”. Each of the following trends showcase the various facets of a woman’s personality – strong, determined, vulnerable, creative, sophisticated, radiant. I hope these will inspire you to create jewelry to accentuate your own personality.

Minimalist Refinement – Classic

The Minimalist Refinement trend makes a statement with the use of black, white and grey as its primary colors. Additionally, touches of yellow add a subtle femininity to the stark lack of color. This trend plays to a woman’s confident and dynamic side. Try creating jewelry with clean, geometric lines using color of black and white with a slight pop of color.

Force of Nature – Romantic

Like a garden, this trend is breathtaking when in full bloom. Bright color collide with each other in a beautiful dance of nature – pinks, greens, purples and blues all working together to create patterns. This trend focuses on the nurturing, loving side of a woman. She will adorn herself with pieces that reflect her natural beauty. Try making a floral inspired piece of jewelry.

Poetic Radiance – Progressive

This trend shows a beautiful marriage between the stark, cold of technology and the soft, romantic nature of poetry. Together they create an unexpected juxtaposition of elements and colors – Amethyst, Crystal Luminous Green, Crystal Volcano, Crystal Silver Shade and Crystal Bermuda Blue. This illustrates a woman’s artistic side balanced with her technological side. Try creating jewelry that combines materials like resin and metal with the sparkle of crystal.

Mythical Allure – Glamour

The etherealness of this trend is highlighted by the watery colors of the ocean and the soft colors of a white sand beach. This theme highlights a woman’s sensual, goddess side she is strong yet delicate. Try making pieces that have movement, allowing the facets of the crystals to subtly catch the light.

Sparkle! -Lindsay


12 comments to Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2014!

  • Beth Bauer

    So, can a woman be some of each one?LOL! I’m loving the new Swarovski trends & can’t wait to read more & see what comes out of my jewelry designing with the new inspirations from NY Fashion Week & Swarovski!

  • I love the title “Facets of a Woman” . Its nice collection for all women.

  • Marva Archibald

    I have a ton of jewelery but these beads are not in my collection. I would love to win them and make a necklace, bracelet and errings out of it. I hope I win.

  • Dorothy

    Do we have to wait until 2014? I love them all and would like to have them this Spring/Summer of 2013! I especially like the classic, force of nature, and glamor. They would all make a great addition to my collection of Swarovski elements.

  • This is a fantastic theme, some gorgeous jewelry is sure to come out of it. I would love to create some pieces myself.

  • Kristin Clark

    They are all so beautiful, but I think that I am a force of nature. Forces of Nature also suits my “colorful” personality. But each collection truly has a piece or two that I would kill for (metaphorically of course).

  • I think there’s some of each facet in all of us. It’s just a matter of bringing out whatever side you choose – that’s what’s great about being a woman.

  • Barbara Conje

    I love the intense colours in the Forces of Nature collection.

  • martcela

    Great Crystal, I love them. They have great colors and shapes.

  • Wonderful color display. Very glamourous! What is the chain called?

  • Beverley Ann

    I love the fresh colour combinations. We have a lot to look forward to in the new season…. so refreshing !!

  • i love swarovski and the glass beads, they r very sharp..

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