Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Fighting to keep jewelry looking fresh and tarnish-free seems like a never ending battle. Even though tarnish is a natural process, most of us would rather our beads and findings stayed looking new. Today’s tips will help you stop tarnish before it starts and keep your metals shining!

The key to tarnish-free metal is to keep your jewelry and supplies in a dry environment. Easier said than done if you live in a rainy, coastal city like Seattle! I keep my metal findings and beads in plastic bags with an anti-tarnish tab in each bag. These paper squares are so good at protecting against tarnish we use them in our warehouse!

There are also common household items you can add to your jewelry box or supply storage to prevent tarnish. Next time you get a new purse or pair of shoes save the silica gel packet and move it to your beading stash. Chalk, charcoal and uncooked rice are also great moisture absorbing materials. Try tying these up in a cloth drawstring bag so they’re exposed to the air but don’t make a mess in your storage containers! Whatever method you choose, don’t forget to replace the absorbing agent every 3-6 months to keep it fresh and effective.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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