The New Swarovski Elements Crystal Globe Bead!

The secret to beauty is often simplicity, and the new Swarovski Elements Crystal Globe Beads definitely fit the bill! Here at we are beyond thrilled about this new basic bead! The Crystal Globe Bead has a completely round shape which makes it an extremely versatile bead to use in your jewelry designs. It’s even more exciting that these simple new beads come in three popular sizes: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm! The wonderful selection of colors and effects will match existing Swarovski products perfectly, one of the many reasons we can’t wait to start designing more and more jewelry with these fun new additions!


What do you think of these new Swarovski Elements Crystal Globe beads? What would you make with them?

Happy Beading – Allie

11 comments to The New Swarovski Elements Crystal Globe Bead!

  • I cannot wait to try them!

  • Dana

    They would make a good focal point on necklaces. The smaller ones would be pretty on bracelets.

  • Kathy Futch

    They remind me of marbles! I would use them in necklace and earrings.

  • Yocheved

    I won’t be buying them. I can get the exact same look from Czech druks for a fraction of the price. I go to Swarovski for the incredible faceting job they do, and these beads are a huge step away from what they do best.

  • i think there great i love all the sizes and cant wait to try them

  • Barbara Pasko

    I agree with yocheved – looks like Druks to me, I won’t waste my money on them. But I don’t buy the Swarovski pearls either. I love drama and exciting pieces, not “plain janes”

  • I have to agree with Barbara and Yocheved; when I saw the photo I said “looks like Druks” which I don’t particularly care for. Swarovski does some things extremely well and I will always pay for those, but not something that I can get for less that looks just as nice.


    Hello friends!

    While the new Swarovski Globe Beads look very similar to Czech Druks Beads, they are worlds apart! The Swarovski Globes have clear color, are absolutely flawless, don’t ever have bubbles and are perfectly round! These Globes will be a perfect addition to your go-to rotation!

  • Peggy

    I’m sticking to their faceted crystals. Otherwise I will be looking elsewhere.

  • Teresa Wiggins

    I would have to hold one in my hand and look at it in a medium other than a picture. They may be similar to a clear gemstone round bead. I know they would be great for weaving and depending on their size they could complement any pendant.

  • These elements is look like marble but good.The crystal jewelry and bracelets are always looks so pretty and liked by girls.

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