Swarovski Elements Innovations Spring/Summer 2014 Giveaway!

Swarovski Elements’ trend for Spring/Summer 2014 has been identified as ‘The Female Shift’. Today’s woman defies labels and definitions. She is multifaceted, assuming many roles across science and literature, politics and economics. For this reason, Swarovski Elements’ innovations for Spring/Summer 2014 are a tribute to the many facets of modern woman.

There are so many amazing new additions to the Swarovski Elements Crystal family! To celebrate the new Spring/Summer 2014 launch, we have decided to give away an amazing assortment of the new Light Silk Crystal color, the new Crystal Rose Gold effect and the new Rose Gold Crystal pearl as well as many amazing new shapes! Everything you see in this photo could be yours! For a chance to win this sparkling selection of the new Swarovski Elements Crystals, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you are most inspired by from their Spring/Summer 2014 launch! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, February 22, 2013, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Pamela J.  on winning this beautiful selection of new Swarovski Elements Crystal! We hope you enjoy!

Good Luck! – Allie

1,310 comments to Swarovski Elements Innovations Spring/Summer 2014 Giveaway!

  • Sharon Solt

    love this new color!!!!! I could just swim in these pearls and crystals

  • Dee

    I love how beautiful and glam they are! I would make statement earrings and a gorgeous chunky necklace! Rose gold is so beautiful especially for the summer months due to the hints of coral and gold! Love them!

  • karin mueller

    I think the rose gold crystal is sooooo inspiring!!!!! I can’t wait to make some vintage looking pieces!!!!!

  • These new, gorgeous pearls and crystals just scream “wedding” to me, and wedding jewelry is one of my favorites to design and make. I can’t wait to get into these new colors and start working!

  • Pick me, choose me!

    And I just heard about the break in. It really makes me sick. I hope they catch whoever and y’all can get cleaned up quick.

  • Vickie Bain

    Love the feminine look of these colors. Lovely for weddings or anything when you are going for a glamorous look.

  • These are absolutly gorgeous ! I only use Swarovski elements. My 3 daughters and 3 grand-daughters would love for me to make something with these. It would also be a great birthday present for me, since my birthday is on Feb. 28th.

  • Lauren

    The light silk color is phenomenal when paired with the rose gold. It’s the perfect neutral combination for spring and summer!

  • Michele Orr-Gray

    These colors are so fresh and feminine — I’m inspired to create light and airy necklaces for my sister, niece and myself.

  • I think that these colors o with so many others on the Spring Line up! Perfect for wedding or other special occasions..even everyday office wear. PERFECT!

  • Cheryl A. davies

    I love this color,it is delicious and makes me feel the beginnings of Spring.

  • Tanya

    Oh my goodness this are perfect!! They are so classy and feminine I can imagine all sorts of projects with them.

  • Michele Deedy

    I can’t wait to make beautiful pieces of jewelry using these rise gold gems! That are fabulous. Awww… Beautifulness!! Please pick me!!! Thanks

  • irene c kjærstad

    Beautiful color! Makes you want to roll around in it. It would look wonderful on my daughters :)

  • These colors are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to incorporate them into my new wedding designs. I’m picturing some crystal weaved bridal necklaces and matching earrings. The pearls would look absolutely lovely for matching bridesmaid jewelry. I really hope I win!

  • Claire Mainwaring

    I love how beautiful and glamorous they are. I would make a set of items for my daughter who is attending a wedding and they would go with her dress beautifully, and the Rose gold is so beautiful especially for the summer months due to the hints of coral and gold.

  • Tammy

    I love using pale pinks and peaches in designing jewelry for myself and others. These would be perfect for a summer wardrobe or wedding design.

  • Charmaine Lipa

    Love the new rose color. Would make a nice addition to my collection of beads.

  • Jenn Barnes

    I love the rose gold crystal effect because i have always been a silver kind of girl and the rose gold is the perfect option for something other than gold.

  • beautiful mother’s Day jewelry

  • Roberta

    I would love to win a chance to win the new bead collection. Thanks for the chance.

  • Evelyn

    The possibilities are endless – I can imagine so many bright and rich jewelry creations!

  • Christina

    I just love these new colors and elements. It has been a long time since I was blown away with a new offering from Swarovski. These are simply elegant and beautiful. I look forward to creating may beautiful pieces with these new, beautiful shades.

  • Gail McMillan

    Would love to meet these beauties in person!

  • Kathleen Corbett

    I think the rose gold and silk tones are so beautiful! Great compromise for a silver wearer who wants to wear a warmer colour.

  • Harmony Davis

    The combination of the silk and rose is so elegant! I would love to make some chunky bracelets and earrings with these.

  • Crystal R.

    I am super inspired by the romantic nature of these colors and can’t wait to get my first order in!

  • Esther

    Love the new colors, very feminine and soft!

  • sheryl bafaro

    These colors are BEAUTIFUL & so inspiring for Spring. Can’t wait to play with these! So rich looking!

  • Debby

    These are Stunning! The possibilities are endless but I would start with a great chunky necklace and some amazing dangle earrings.

  • Robin Macek

    Oh Wow I could really use all of these beads for the projects I’m working on for this Spring! Fingers are crossed! Toes too!

  • Kirstin


  • Liz Odell

    I find these colors inspiring because they remind me of nature and fantasy fun all wrapped into one. My new favorite color!!!!

  • Deb Perrin

    Whether I am chosen or not, I definitely must order some of these new components. A pearl and crystal crocheted necklace will be stunning.

  • The colors are soft and pretty. I would love to use them for bridal jewelry.

  • Donna

    Love the color! Completely different than recent new releases. Finished pieces will look great dressed up or dressed down. Very versatile!

  • vanessa b.

    I already have 4 designs in my head. BEEEUUUTIIful!

  • Shelley Aron

    The colors look amazing. Looking forward to start using those colors for my peices to make for this coming fall. I sell a lot of necklaces and they will be a great accent color.

  • Theresa

    PICK ME!!!! Please! I would love to add these to a bracelet!

  • Laurel Nichold

    Gorgeous colors! I would work them into some great mother’s day pieces; reminds me of sun, sand, and beaches. Also, would be perfect for wedding jewelry – how about some barefoot sandals for a beach wedding!!

  • Beth Fidalgo

    These beads are gorgeous! I would love to work with them and make something beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win these!

  • Dorothy

    My friend loves these new colors and I want to win so, I can give her the best most awesome birthday gift ever! My favorite new colors that the company has put out are the greens. I am going to go shopping at FusionBeads.com and buy some soon. Have a wonderful day!

  • I LOVE rose gold, anyway, so especially the new rose gold pearls will work well with many of my bracelet ideas. I will be ordering some, whether or not I win this set!

  • Karla Broadfoot

    the metallic bicones are awesome.. i just made a necklace for a friend using them… i would love to have more cool new items to create with..

  • These rose color crystal and bead are absolutely beautiful and elegant
    So many possible ways to create some awesome pieces
    of jewelry . You can wear them to formal functions or a day of fun.
    I hope I win. I have so many ideas to execute beautiful pieces of jewelry .
    Good luck everyone.

  • This pink is so tender to look at. What women would not like to wear that lovely pink. It is so femimin!
    One of the best color ever!
    Félicitation! De toute beauté!
    Thank you!


  • Noel Wyres

    Inspirational Sparkles and Bling.

  • Tee Gayle

    These beads are so beautiful, now I am trying to re-stock so I can make some beautiful jewelry, this bead set would be perfect for me to start with.

  • Kathleen copeland

    I would incorporate these beautiful beads and crystals into my beadweaving project s

  • Angela Bello

    Wow! Gorgeous beads! I would love to dive into these and make some wonderful jewelry and a special gift for my daughter too!