Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I’m so excited we’ve added bead crochet to our website! The first step of any bead crochet project is to get all of your beads on to your stringing material. Whether you’re using cord, pearl cotton or yarn, I’ve found this step to be the most time consuming and sometimes frustrating. Today’s tips will help get your bead crochet project off to a great start!

If you’re crocheting a piece that requires the beads to be in a specific order, like our Tourmaline Dream Bracelet, invest in a twisted wire needle. Not only do these needles have an eye that can accommodate thicker materials, the flexibility of the eye means it can easily squeeze though the hole of most beads. For times when you need to string beads without the help of a needle, try coating the end of your stringing material in a thread conditioner. A few swipes of Thread Heaven or beeswax will stiffen a cord and make it easier to feed it through your beads!

If you’re only using one color of bead or a bead mix in your project, there’s a handy device that makes stringing even faster! The Spin & String Bead Stringing Tool is a wooden bowl that holds your seed beads and can be spun with one hand while the hand other holds a curved needle down in the bowl of beads. The spinning action moves beads on to the needle, allowing you to quickly string large quantities of beads. This device won’t work with a straight needle, since a curved shape keeps the beads from sliding back off the needle. Don’t try to bend a beading needle into this shape by hand as this can cause them to snap. Instead use one of the hooked needles designed for the Spin & String.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • AuTumnPunkin

    Hello ! !
    I Have Also Found Coating The Tips Of Anything Used For ThreadingOn Beads (String, YarN Thread) With Fingernail Polish, And ROlling To A Point (Let It Dry A Bit First) WorksAWESOME, AndLasts! Simply Trim OfF When Done!
    (BEAD ON!!)

  • IS

    Lovely collection of beads!!! Loved your site too !

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