Gabby’s Favorite Things!

When it comes to beading, my brain is all over the map. There are so many radically different materials and techniques fighting for my attention upstairs that there is no real continuity in my projects – today I am working on seed beads, tomorrow I am soldering. My personal beading habits kind of mirror my duties here at Fusion in a way – sometimes I’m writing copy, sometimes I’m editing the website, sometimes I’m making jewelry, and sometimes I’m wearing an octopus hat.


Without further ado – my favorite things!

1. All things sports-related!

Like a true native Midwesterner, I spent my formative years in Detroit playing sports all year round and worshipping the local pro teams. Not much has changed as an adult, except now I make jewelry every year in my favorite teams’ colors! Baseball season is starting? Tigers jewelry. Hockey season is around the corner? Red Wings jewelry. Being a hardcore sports nerd with a beading addiction is a beautiful thing.

2. Combining blue and orange together!

I truly love this color combination to begin with, but I’m not even going to pretend that the fact that these are the Detroit Tigers’ colors doesn’t factor into this choice…

3. Bordeaux Swarovski Elements Crystal Pearls!

I love adding the rich, deep color of Bordeaux crystal pearls to any project that I can. I especially love this color paired with the new Grey crystal pearl color!

4. Karen DeSousa’s beaded ornament books!

I have a very well-documented love of Karen DeSousa’s ornament books, as shown in my most recent blog post! There isn’t a single family member of mine that doesn’t have at least one of my ornaments on their Christmas tree!

5. Chain maille!

I have an incredibly intense love-hate relationship with chain maille. It makes my hands ache and drives me completely insane, but whenever there’s a chain maille piece to be made, I’m always volunteering to make it because I love the end result so much! So beautiful, so intricate, so utterly maddening.

6. Mixed metals!

I love the look of gold and silver together, so I frequently design jewelry with both metals in mind. One of my favorite go-to techniques is to create a clasp out of sterling silver, flatten the clasp, and wrap it with gold-filled wire. (And sometimes tiny gemstones as well!)

For more of my favorites, check out my staff picks page!

Happy Beading! -Gabby

2 comments to Gabby’s Favorite Things!

  • Gabby is cool! :)
    xox jean

  • Jude

    Nice octopus hat – yes, I mean it too! I love both wacky stuff & all things sealife-related. You know, Gabby, you’ve skyrocketed in my view of you now. :D
    Hmm, I wonder if I can make something similar, with a happier face, for my little granddaughter.

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