Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Using ribbon to string jewelry adds an interesting soft texture to a project. Fabric ribbons evoke a romantic or vintage feeling and make a nice change from constantly stringing on cord or beading wire. Securing a ribbon neatly can be challenging, but fortunately there’s a finding designed just for this!

Ribbon ends

Grip the ends of your stringing material by sandwiching it in a fold of metal. These findings come in a good variety sizes and widths, but one of the nice things about working with fabric is that you can always fold in the sides of your ribbon if it’s wider than your ribbon end!

When I use a delicate ribbon and want extra security I fold the end over to double the thickness, giving the ribbon end more to grab on to. I also like doing this to help hide the raw edges of the ribbon and minimize the chance of it unraveling over time. Coating the inside of your ribbon end in a thin layer of adhesive is a great way to make these findings extra secure. Hypo Tube Fabric Cement is designed for use with fabric and has a thin tip that makes applying it in tight spaces a breeze!

If you prefer a different adhesive, use a toothpick or scrap of wire to apply it to the inside of the ribbon end. Put in enough adhesive to make a thin coat, but not so much that it will squish out the sides when you close the end. Fold your ribbon ends gently together with your chain nose pliers. If you’re worried about leaving scratches on the metal, then switch to a pair of nylon jaw pliers or take the time to coat the tips of your regular pliers in Tool Magic.


Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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