Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

A bead spill is one of the worst calamities to have happen during a project. Not only can this mean losing your precious supplies, but if multiple beads are spilled together a beader faces the daunting task of separating hundreds or even thousands of tiny beads. Tools like an aluminum triangle or a metal scoop will help you sort and separate a muddle of beads, but why not turn your disaster into an opportunity to create your very own bead mix!

Bead mixes, sometimes called bead soups, can add a fresh and spontaneous feeling to a design. And some of my best mixes have been the result of accidents that combined beads I never would have intentionally put together! Whether you are mixing from scratch or salvaging a spill, first think about what type of project you want to make with this collection of beads. If you want to use it with a bead weaving stitch that requires uniformity, mix beads together that are all the same size, but have different cuts, colors and finishes. If you’re planning to string your mix or make wire wrapped links with it, then consistent size and shape aren’t as important and you can go completely wild!

Just in case you’re not ready to create your own mix, our fabulous designers have already created hundreds of mixes in seed beads, glass beads and  Swarovski Crystal Bicones and Pearls!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

3 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Carol Harry

    several years ago a dear friend gave me this little brush device…it looks like a vacuum cleaner or a crumb duster, but the brushes pull those little beads up into a well that you can take off and then separate…a real godsend when I spilled a whole container of tiny sterling crimps! She said she bought it at a craft show in a tiny town in West Texas

  • Linda Carlson

    Put a knee-hi over the end of the vacuum hose, and pick up your spilled beads.

  • Kirsten Lambdin

    I’ve used one of those sticky rollers for spill rescue. Not the tape kind, but the ones that have a sticky surface. It’s easy to just brush the beads off into a pan or bowl to transfer into containers.

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