Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

If you’re working on a project with mixed metals this week, don’t forget about metal seed beads!  Our line of metal seed beads are made in the US and, unlike the majority of seed beads we carry, are made of solid metal instead of glass. While these beads are a great way to include metallic colors in your woven projects, they aren’t just for seed beaders. Their holes are slightly larger than those in our glass seed beads, making these a very economical choice when you want to include metal beads in any design!

Metal seed beads are my go-to bead when I want a layered metal look in my jewelry without breaking the budget. A few bags of Size 8 Silver Plated Metal Round Seed Beads go a lot farther than individually purchased sterling silver beads! These are a wonderful, cost-effective choice when a project calls for simple metal spacer beads and since they’re sold in 10 gram bags, I always have some on hand for last minute projects.

Metal seed beads do have sharper edges than glass, so I use a durable beading thread like Fireline when weaving with these beads. If you’re stringing metal seed beads a flexible beading wire like Soft Flex is a great choice.  If it’s your first time working with metal seed beads, take a look at our metal seed bead size chart for more handy information about their sizes and weights.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen


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