Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Whether you use pearls, gemstone, crystal or glass, knotting is a classic way to string your beads. And knotting with floating beads, like our Mossy Necklace, is a modern take on this jewelry staple. Knotting your beads at random intervals along your cord will create a fun, unique look, but if you want evenly spaced beads try today’s trick!

You can use a ruler or measuring tape to space your knots, as shown in our technique, but I’ve found my measurements of flexible materials aren’t always the most accurate! Instead of using a ruler, go get a plastic drinking straw. Coffee stirrers work great for this trick because of their small diameter. Measure the straw and cut off a piece as long as you want the distance to be between your pearls. If you want them spaced one inch apart, cut a one inch piece of straw. Each time you want to add a new knot, string your piece of straw on first. Make your knot at the end of the straw. And don’t forget to pull the straw off before you add your bead or it will be trapped!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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