Gabby’s Fusion Favorites!

When it comes to picking my beading favorites, I am scattered all over the map! I have never had a go-to technique or product in my arsenal; I jump all over the place depending on the project I’m working on! Here are a few of my new favorites that really stood out to me this year:

Favorite Technique: Half Persian Chain Maille

All of the chain maille techniques that we added this year are fantastic, but Half Persian really stood out for me. I had never tried chain maille before this year, but after sitting down with a colossal box of jump rings in every gauge/diameter combination that we currently carry and doing nothing but chain maille for a solid two weeks, I must say it grew on me a bit. (The result of those two weeks? The Chain Maille Q and A, my labor of love. And also cramped hands.)

Favorite Inspiration: Fun in the Sun Necklace

The bold, eye-catching color blocking in this stunning necklace absolutely knocked me off my feet! Inspired by the Pantone Spring 2012 Fashion Color Report, I was hooked the minute I saw Sunflower and Blue Zircon, two of my favorite Swarovski colors, taking center stage in this multi-strand masterpiece.

Favorite Product: Matte Gemstone Beads

I don’t even know where to start on these amazing beads! The first time I laid eyes on them, I was instantly in love. The matte finish brings such a fresh coloring and texture to familiar stones. My personal favorites are the cool, beachy hues of the Matte Amazonite and the wild, marbled striations of the Matte Black Picasso.

Happy Beading! -Gabby

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