Lindsay’s Fusion Favorites!

2012 has brought with it so many great products and a new technique that I absolutely love.

Swarovski launched a fun line of neon colored crystal pearls. They are so bright and fun and in-trend that I can’t get enough. I especially love them in our Mega Watt bracelet – color blocked and framed in black in a wrapped cord bracelet.

We also added a new product this year along with a technique – Jewelry Clay. Prior to this item, I loved taking flat back crystals and gluing them onto things. Placing tiny little crystals one by one was sort of zen-like. Then along came Crystal Clay and it allowed me to add tiny little chaton crystals to more items like rings and bezel pendants. I love making the rings and I try to make it my goal to pack in as many crystals as I possibly can. The more sparkle, the better.

Sparkle! –  Lindsay


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  • I love what you love! :)

    xox jean

  • Jude

    Lindsay,I checked out the colours of crystal clay& noticed it doesncome in a clear colour. I’d rather not use resin but I wonder if you havea suggestion for a substitute for a completely clear crystal clay? I’d liketo havethe easeof setting in stones likecrystal clayoffers but I’d alsolikethe background to show. Any suggestions please? Thanks!

  • Jude

    Sorry for typos – it was sentfrommy phone which goofed up words.


    Thanks for your question, Jude! So sorry for the late response! You could do something like what you’re describing with ICE Resin. ICE Resin dries completely clear and can be domed. I’d pour several thin layers, letting each one set. For your last layer, let the resin set a while until it’s fairly thick and then pour it so that you have a domed shape.

    Crystals can be adhered to the surface after the ICE Resin has cured. You don’t want to set them inside the resin, though, or they’ll lose their facets and sparkle.

    Come see our Beading Techniques for tips on using ICE Resin!,,

    There’s lots more on our website if you’re interested in this route! You can also email us at if you have more questions! Happy beading!

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