Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Now that you’ve planned your jewelry gifts for this year’s holiday season, it’s time to think about wrapping! How a gift is wrapped can be as important as the gift itself and just as fun to design. And FusionBeads.com has a larger supply of gift wrapping supplies than you might expect!

Our gift bags come in four different fabrics and a variety of colors so that you can coordinate your present to your pouch. My personal favorites are the velvet bags. I love the weighty feeling of a crystal and pearl necklace in one of these lush bags! Their draw strings even provide the perfect spot for a gift tag.

Our gift boxes are specially sized for bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Their plain appearance is like a blank canvas – full of potential! Cords and ribbons add an extra special touch to your packages this year. Hemp cord adds a rustic feel, while sleek satin cord gives a classic touch. Try tying up an extra special package with one of our embellishment cords and tucking a sprig of holly into the bow. Or string a few spare beads on to a Fairy Ribbon to spice up this year’s pile of presents!

Happy Beading! – Gretchen


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