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Unlike a lot of beaders, I went about learning techniques in a totally backwards way when I started. I started with basic wire working, but instead of progressing to stringing and such, I skipped right to metalsmithing, soldering and PMC. It took me several years and several bead store jobs to stop and think, “Wait a minute. I’ve never worked with seed beads before.”

My first introduction to seed beads was via Karen DeSousa’s book “Accent On: Beaded Ornament Covers”. I was really intimidated at first as I read through the book- the patterns looked so complicated and impossible to decipher, and the “basic” pattern didn’t look basic at all! Still, I sat down with a pile of beads and sat down to try out the basic pattern.

I cannot stress enough how welcoming this book was for a beginner! Armed with the product suggestions and tips she outlined in the introduction, I not only quickly caught on to the patterns but finished my first ornament with ease! I confidently moved on to other patterns, and then to other books in her ornament series. Her patterns are innovative, exquisite, and tons of fun to create, but beware: once you begin creating these ornaments, the requests for personalized ornament gifts do not stop!

Here is one of my recent gifts for a friend, based on that first basic pattern:

If you’re still looking for a great gift idea for a loved one this holiday season, pick up one of our Karen DeSousa books and give seed bead ornaments a try!

Happy Beading! –Gabby

5 comments to Check Out Our Beaded Ornament Cover Books!

  • Beth Bauer

    I own this book along with two others & they have been a God-send as I’ve begun playing with ornament cover designs. The instructions are clear & easy to follow & the explanations of what to do when covering different sizes of balls is most helpful. Although I have had these texts for years & have branched out to my own designs, they remain in my library just in case I have a question I need answered or a friend who wants to begin doing beaded ornaments as well!

  • Bev

    Thank you Gabby and Beth for such wonderful reviews of the Beaded Ornament Cover Books. I must purchase a copy of this for myself or leave a note for Santa. I love and am hooked on craft books and I find them so useful and helpful when questions arise.

  • […] have a very well-documented love of Karen DeSousa’s ornament books, as shown in my most recent blog post! There isn’t a single family member of mine that doesn’t have at least one of my […]

  • Doris Williamson

    Where can I get the book

  • Marti Parsons

    I have all of Karen DeSousa’s books (unless she has new ones)and I love them. I also have 3 large books by Julie Ashford. She has some beautiful covers. I got all of my books from Amazon. Julie is from England so some of her measurements were difficult to understand but you’ll figure it out. Most of the books are stocked by Amazon. Give it a try.

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