Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Buttons are all around us – on our clothes, in the kitchen junk drawer, in your stash of sewing supplies, and even on FusionBeads.com! Our designers often feature buttons in the closures of their wrapped cord bracelets, but today’s tips will help you expand your button repertoire with different ways to include these fun components in your jewelry projects!

Buttons with shanks are easy to turn into dangle earrings or pendants because they already have a convenient loop attached. Just add to an ear wire or jump ring and they’re ready to go! Buttons with two holes can be turned into pendants or included in earrings with jump rings or by using our Bent Head Pin Bail technique.

If you have a shanked button that you want to face outward instead of down, try adding a glue-on bail or even creating a bead woven bezel with Right Angle Weave or Peyote Stitch.

Buttons are also fun and easy to transform into rings! Instead of a bead, you can use a shanked button and wire wrap yourself a one of a kind ring. And if you have the right diameter button it just might fit into a bezel ring, like in Cody’s recent blog post showing how to use jewelry clay as an adhesive.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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