Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Bead embroidery may seem difficult when compared to stringing or wire wrapping, but with today’s simple tips you can introduce a whole new element to your designs! You can embroider a single pendant, like in our Volcano Flame Necklace, or make an entire piece with it like our Lots O’ Dots Bracelet. You can even use bead embroidery to embellish clothing and accessories!

Each bead embroidery design begins by preparing your foundation, the flexible fabric or leather material that the beads are stitched to. Lacy’s Stiff Stuff is a commonly used fabric backing and we’ve recently added Ultra Suede Sheets to our website as a more colorful alternative. Both of these foundations can be cut into any shape you need and neither one frays, so you don’t have to worry about finishing the edges! Get the cleanest lines to your foundation shape by cutting with your sharpest sewing scissors or shears.

Another wonderful thing about these foundations is that you can draw your design directly on them! Use a permanent marker to not only draw yourself guidelines for your pattern, but to color in the foundation so it matches your beads. When you are ready to start stitching your bead embroidery, work on a flat surface like a table or desk. I’ve sewn more than one project to my clothes on accident by holding my project in my lap while I work!

Attach your finished bead embroidery to a piece of clothing or a purse with a hand stitch. Using a sewing machine with beads can be tricky because the presser foot of the machine can get caught on the embroidery or break your careful beadwork. Check out our step-by-step techniques for preparing your foundation and embroidering with beads for more details of this fun way to use your beads!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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  • Candie

    How do you cover between the foundation and suede? I have tried the backlash with the seedbeads but it turned terrible.. help

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