Nunn Design Giveaway!


This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to our winner, on receiving this amazing selection of Nunn Design products! Enjoy!

Nunn Design makes the most amazing pewter charms, components, bezels and mixed media supplies! Plated in silver, gold, copper and brass, many pieces are also highlighted with an antiqued finish that brings out the lovely details. We love their new line of ornate components, bead caps and bangles so much that we’ve decided to give away an amazing assortment of these goodies, as well as a package of Collage Sheets that will work with many of the new items! One lucky winner will receive everything you see in the photo above! Check out our Using Collage Images with a Bezel Pendant Technique for detailed step by step instructions on how to use these products. For a chance to win this amazing giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you would do with some of these fun, ornate components! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, October 19, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

Good Luck! – Allie

250 comments to Nunn Design Giveaway!

  • Megan Magleby

    I would put different stones inside the frames and make some macrame chains out of different types of string and twine to go with each color of metal, for some epic necklaces and bracelets!

  • Debi

    I would use photos to make mothers and grandmothers gifts

  • I would use the findings with my polymer clay and make presents for my family. Then the pictures I would cut out and make necklace frames for them out of polymer clay after I baked them I would put triple thick to keep the paper pictures safe. And lastly I would make charm bracelets.

  • Valarie Meltzer

    These are so nice I would love to do some beautiful pieces using this set. I wouldn’t mind trying a new technique in my jewelry making. When I first saw the pendants advertised I was very impressed at how nice they are and wanted to get a couple to try I would also love the ones made for Rivoli to be used as links and drops. Those were very nice.

  • Veronica Amoraga

    con estas cosas tan bonitas haria los mejores complementos y se los regalaria estas navidades a las personas que quiero y que me apoyan dia a dia.

  • Eva Rodriguez


  • I have a collection of tiny sharks’ teeth, shells and other beach effluvia that I’d put in the pendants and seal up.

  • Sara Miller

    I would use resin with the images in the pendent bezels.I would use crystal clay with the ring bezels.Everything is so awesome.Thank you Fusion Beads for this awesome giveaway.

  • Barbara Grandon

    I would show the world the many possibilities with resin using family photos, vintage images and embellish with so many things, crystals, sea glass, dried flowers and more….I can’t wait to win.


    I have not tried this technique yet but I would love to. I could make amazing Christmas gifts!

  • Jamie

    I would make some great pendants to go on chainmaille and gift them to the nurses that took care of my husband for 12 years before the leukemia took his life!

  • I would be more likely to use them with polymer clay rather than ice resin, but all the different finishes & textures look great!


  • Verlinda Allen

    I would love to learn to use all of these items. I am needing a calming hobby and this looks like it would fit the bill for me. I love the idea of other Country’s being put inside these jewelry peices….And even old family photos would be an incredible gift to give away to family. Thank You for considering ME to be the winner <3

  • Cortney

    I would use resin, some photographic backgrounds and some matching found objects! Thanks =’.’=

  • Alice

    I would use the collage sheets in the bezels using resin. I would also use collage sheets I already have. I love using vintage items in my jewelry designs!!

  • Aricka

    I would make a hunk of junk necklace!!!:]

  • Kimberly

    I would try my hand at collage necklaces and wrap beads to the bangles.

  • Sharayah Sheldon

    This would be a new endeavor. I would like to experiment with making cabs which would be included in my bead embroidery designs,

  • Sara Stadley

    It would get my creative mo-jo flowing again, which has been in a funk lately. I’d like to make some vintage-like ornaments and some unique pieces of jewelry.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • I’d love to use the resin I bought a while back and make some really lovely pendants and rings with those gorgeous pictures. Would make some great stocking fillers for family members :)

  • Truly inspirational give away – and just a thought of what can be created with these items takes my imagination far away. I see rings with beads and amber parts that give you a feeling of ancient come alive again; bracelets and cuffs that give steampunk a new kick and inspiration; pendants and necklaces that invites you to travel far away… so much ideas crowd in my mind as i look at the pictures… just need to give it a try :)

  • Maggie May

    I would share these with the Huntsville Bead Society and have a free class on making lovely jewelry out of all the components.

  • Robin Ranallo

    I envision using a combination of polymer clay, dried flowers and crystals with some ribbon chain to create some Victorian inspired pieces.

  • Dar Miller

    I would have a blast!!!!!! :D

  • Linda

    I would use photos and if possible use some of my sea glass in the designs

  • Dana McCabe

    My imagination is running away with the possibilities in this selection! Jewelry, art pieces, scrapbook pages….

  • Lorraine C

    I would combine the pieces to make pendants and charms

  • Alika

    Love the textures and finishes! I could make some very meaninful gifts with the frames. Pendants for sure,as well as bracelet links and/or focal points.

  • How awesome!!!! I would make awesome jewelry, is what I would do! A piece would have to go to my art abandonment project, too!

  • I just learn how to use ice resin and I can do so many things with this package. Especially vintage pieces.

  • I would give these set to my doughter. She is very creative and these artikels are exactly what she loves so much.
    My own style is a bit different, so I hope it for her.


  • Skd

    I would take a reduced copy of one of my daughter’s stories and do a resin overlay, add it to a necklace with other writing-type charms and give it as a Christmas gift

  • Patty Ferguson

    Would love to try some photo pendants.

  • Susan Jaisle

    My daughter and I want to make memory pendants!! This would be perfect!!

  • donna cefali

    I would make some kind of jewelry with them…either with gemstones, pictures etc…

  • Christi Conley

    I LOVE Nunn Design & all their products!!!

  • Bronwyn

    It’s the perfect opportunity to delve into a whole new genre of jewelry-making. It’s one I’ve wanted to explore, as I work in the wedding industry and have had many requests for something special as a memento for loved ones who are not in attendance – grandparent, parent, sibling, etc. These supplies are the perfect solution to add to a bouquet, or other arrangement. I would be thrilled to win!

  • Ann Stoever

    Haven’t done anything like this yet, but would love to experiment!

  • Sharon Chaffee

    I have been out of work for a long time…..Even if I find a job tomorrow, Christmas giving is looking a little bleak. With this assortment I could create beautiful keepsake gifts for the people I love most…the ones who have been helping me through this employment crisis!

  • M Marshall

    I would love to try these with the decoupage papers and also some little flat backed jewels. Maybe also some mica powders if they are compatible.

  • Merrie

    I would take the pendants and make Christmas ornaments out of them. Add some crystals to the bottom to make them sparkle under the light!

  • I’d love to use these to start experimenting with specialty papers, and /or my own drawings as well as resin.

  • Liz

    I have been wanting to explore this world of jewelry making, the possibilities seem as endless as seed beads, which were my first love and medium of jewelry making back when I was a little girl. I’d love to experience that new feeling I got when learning how to loom weave once again. I love experimenting with new and exciting ways to express myself through making jewelry.

  • Julie Doolin

    I would love the chance to explore and create with this new media for me. Would just sit down and explore the possibilities.

  • Terri Martin

    My Mother-in-Law was diagnosed with cancer recently and had part of her spine removed. I felt terribly helpless seeing her in the hospital and in pain. I would use the bezels with enamel, polymer clay and resin (I love all three mediums) and create jewellery to sell to help raise money for cancer awareness and donate the proceedings to a charity of her choice in her name. Remember – CANcer CAN be beaten!

  • Susan

    I shrunk one of my granddaughter’s drawing and put it in one of the frames with resin for a necklace. My favorite piece of jewelry.

  • autumn

    i would use these to (finally) make mixed media pieces that i could give as gifts to some special folks.

  • susan atkinson

    Nunn products are terrific! I’d love to use these to make memory bracelets for my granddaughters and their mom. They collect little shells and mom makes costumes and cloths for them. The frames (with resin) would preserve the pieces. :)

  • Barbara Colberg

    ok, good luck to everyone!! including me.