Using Jewelry Clay as an Adhesive!

I am sure by now you have seen how fun it can be to use Crystal Clay or DeCoRe’ Clay with Swarovski Elements Crystal Chatons to make sparkly jewelry, but did you know that you can also use Crystal Clay or DeCoRe’ Clay as an adhesive? What makes this a  great adhesive alternative to 5 Minute Epoxy or E6000 Adhesive is that it is moldable. Unlike polymer clay, Crystal Clay or DeCoRe’ Clay cures without being baked, so it works great with items that could melt if placed in a oven. Check out the ring Silver Night in our Inspiration Gallery where we used Black Diamond DeCoRe’ Clay to adhere the filigree flower component to the ring base, and then to adhere the Rivoli stone to the center of the flower component. I made a quick and easy ring using one of adjustable ring bases by Nunn Design and a cute pin up girl button by simply cutting off the back part of the button with old wire cutters and using Crystal Clay to adhere the button to the ring base. I also made a fun little pendant using a deep bezel pendant and a mum flower charm. I cut off the loop on the charm and then used Crystal Clay to adhere the flower into the bezel pendant.

Hope this gives you some more ideas of how you can using Crystal Clay and DeCoRe’ Clay in your jewelry making!

Happy Beading! –  Cody


1 comment to Using Jewelry Clay as an Adhesive!

  • marilyn

    LOVE this design, im waiting on my crystal clay as we speak thanks for the info..will keep this in mind…u guys ROCK

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