Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

No-bake clays like Crystal Clay or DeCoRé Clay are a wonderful way to create unique jewelry settings for crystal stones, beads and other small objects like shells and pebbles. When you first start working with this media keeping the clay smooth, clean and free of marks from tools and fingers is often difficult. This week’s tips will help you create the best finished pieces from jewelry clay!

Don’t be tempted to use tweezers to set tiny crystals in your jewelry clay. The tips of the tweezers are likely to gouge or scratch your clay. If you’re working with Crystal Clay, try a jewel setter! The soft wax tip of this tool won’t dig into the surface of your clay and it’s great for picking up small objects. DeCoRé Clay isn’t as sticky as Crystal Clay, so it can be harder to get crystals off of your jewel setter with this clay. Instead, keep your gloves on and just set your crystals and beads by hand!

Wearing gloves while working with your clay not only protects your skin from stains, it protects your clay from finger and nail marks. If you do accidentally smudge or gouge your clay, moisten a gloved fingertip with a little water and gently rub away the mark. And just like you protect your skin from stains, you’ll also want to protect your work surface. Using wax paper, plastic sheeting or a garbage bag on your work surface will also provide a clean space to work on and reduce the chances of dust, fibers and other particles sticking to the clay.

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen


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