Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Making jewelry with found objects like flowers and leaves is a wonderful way to create one of a kind jewelry! A hand-picked flower from your garden or petals from a wedding bouquet can become precious wearable keepsakes. Today’s tips will help you get the best results when you use plants with resin!

ICE Resin is excellent to use in this type of project. But organic material like flowers and leaves can start to decompose if it is not completely dry before being sealed up. The two easiest ways to dry your plants before making them into beautiful jewelry are by air drying or by pressing.

The best place to air dry plants is in a dry, dark room with good air circulation. A window-less closet is perfect for this, since sunlight will fade the color of your leaves and flowers. Too much moisture in the room can delay drying or cause mold. Tie the stems of your plants with thread and hang them upside down to keep the petals and leaves from drooping while they dry.

You can also dry plants by pressing them in a heavy book or in a pre-made flower press. To prevent sticking, lay your flowers and leaves flat between sheets of wax paper. Make sure none of your plants overlap or touch since it’s almost impossible to separate them once they’ve dried. Place the wax paper and plants in your press or lay them under several heavy books.

Whether you are air drying or pressing, it takes 2-4 weeks for flowers to dry thoroughly, so plan ahead! Properly pressed flowers and leaves will last a long time if stored in a cool, dry place. Next time you see the perfect leaf on a nature walk or can’t bear to part with a special bouquet you can start a new type of jewelry supply stash!

Happy Tuesday! -Gretchen

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