Customized Awareness Jewelry!

We’re proud to offer a collection of beautiful breast cancer awareness jewelry designs in our Inspiration Projects, but did you know that many of these designs can be easily customized to reflect awareness of other cancers and causes? Customizing these pieces is as simple as switching the color of the beads or pendants in the materials list to match your cause’s color- no different techniques needed! You can use our cancer awareness crystal color chart in our blog as a reference for choosing an alternate color for your design.

To show you how easily these designs can be customized, we took two of our most popular awareness designs, the Who I Remember Necklace and Thinking Pink Bracelet, and switched out the colors of the beads. The necklace colors have been changed to light blue for prostate cancer awareness, and the bracelet colors have been changed to grey for brain cancer awareness.

Not sure which of our awareness Inspiration pieces to customize? Take a look at these radiant designs:
Tickled Pink Earrings
I’m A Survivor Necklace
For My Girls Bracelet
Who I Walk For Bracelet
Who I Remember Necklace
Memories Are Like Keepsakes, Always Treasured Bracelet
Thinking Pink Bracelet
Precious Memories Necklace
Ribbon of Hope Bracelet
Memories In the Making Bracelet
There Is Always Hope Earrings

Happy Beading! –Gabby

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