Swarovski Elements Innovations Fall/Winter 2013 Giveaway!

There are so many amazing new additions to the Swarovski Elements Crystal family! To celebrate the new Swarovski Elements Innovations Fall/Winter 2013  launch, we have decided to give away an amazing assortment of the new Crystal Blue Shade Effect, the new Light Turquoise Crystal and Gray Crystal Pearl as well as many amazing new shapes! One lucky winner will receive everything from the Mini Beads to the Key to Open the Forest Pendant! Everything you see in this photo could be yours! For a chance to win this sparkling  selection of the new Swarovski Elements Crystals, leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you are most inspired by from their fall/winter 2013 launch! A winner will be randomly selected on Friday, September 21, 2012, at 4 PM PST and informed by e-mail!

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Debbie V., on winning this amazing selection of Swarovski Crystal Elements! Have fun!


Good Luck! – Allie

1,037 comments to Swarovski Elements Innovations Fall/Winter 2013 Giveaway!

  • Susan Brant

    I am inspired by the crystal grey and blues together. They would make a fantastic piece with a feel for the rushing waters of the ocean on the rocky shores

  • Joseph Graves

    The light turquoise is amazing. I can see me making collars with that!

  • Linda H

    I am truly inspired by the cool light turquoise color against the icy blue shade effect crystals and the gray pearls. Like a snowstorm in the artic circle with slight glimpses of the turquoise sky peeking through the sparkling snow laden treetops.

  • Mindy Brodecki

    so pretty- love love love the Light Turquoise Crystal Paired with the grey crystal pearls some fancy head pins, and silver chain would make a beautiful bead and chain neckalce and earring set.

  • Elpida

    Awesome collection

  • Valarie

    Extremely beautiful colors love them. I have a turquoise butterfly that is large enough for a pendant I think these colors will bring out the black veining in the butterfly and the pretty turquoise color in it. I really need some crystals for it and these would be perfect to really set the butterfly pendant off. I think it would make a beautiful necklace. I think it would be amazingly beautiful.

  • Chatty Cathy

    I love the blues and browns and the sparkle of the crystals. It reminds me of the glittery and bright reflections of snowy winter. :)

  • I’m inspired by the mixture of colors. It reminds me of a cool breeze, which is what we experience from the change of seasons.

  • Amy LeBlanc

    I love the gray crystal pearls and think the contrast with the textures and colors of the crystals will be amazing!

  • Karen LaCarrubba

    WOW!! What an amazing assortment for inspiration!! I’d like to incorporate the Light Turquoise Crystal with some of the Gray Crystal Pearls in a graduated necklace. Sprinkle in a bit of the Crystal Blue Shade Effect and you have my inspiratin for a real statement piece!! Love it!!!!

  • Sharon Davis

    Can’t wait to play with the little elements – I can see so many ways to incorporate them into my projects.

    Love the crystal blue shade effect as well….

  • Gloria

    Still hoping I win this! I already have my design in mind, just waiting to implement it!

  • Katy Wiseman

    I LOVE little things, so the Swarovski mini beads are what inspire and excite me. In any color!!

  • Victoria O'Neill

    Oh my goodness! The new turquoise color is stunning and I’ve always loved grey pearls. I can see so many possibilities for combining all the new colors. My daughter and I love old keys, so I am intrigued by the new key shape as well.

  • Jennifer Day

    I love all of the colors, combined they would be quite eye catching and separate they are stunning.

  • Kathie Burnette

    Wish I could get in on the fun. The “chance to win” link brings me to a saw basics give away. Sad face!

  • marlene strait

    The new blues would be lovely mixed with crystal Ab’s to create a icy, winter delight of a necklace. Thanks for the chance to win this assortment.

  • A. Santos

    I love how they all shimmer & shine … Bling! There’s lots of potential in this collection.

  • Marlena

    The 2-hole stairway crystal beads! Ohhh the possibilities!

  • Ann M Heilman Parker

    love the container and the shapes and colors of the crystals.

  • Lisa Wallis

    I’m loving the light turquoise, mixed with some blues and aquas it would give a subtle change of shade to the ‘ocean’ charm bracelet I am planning. Then the addition of a few crystal blue shade for a ‘sea spray’ effect … mmm! The key is fantastic too.

  • I love the new shades. They are such soothing colors and they look great together. I am mad about Swarovski!

  • When I saw the colors it reminded me of our trip to cape cod. The blue of the sky,the silvery tones of the shells and the yellow brown reflecting off the AB crystals remind me of the sand and the twilight sky!

  • Debbie Bennett

    This would be so fun and allow my creativity to make beautiful jewelry!

  • Melanie Smith

    The Turquoise blue reminds me of the Mediterranean sea, matched with the silver pearls these would make wonderful jewelry that reminds me of trips to the beaches around the world.

  • Susie Boychuk

    I love Swarovski and will covet them all. MY PRECIOUS.
    I can’t get enough of them. So many ideas and I hope I have the time to accomplish what I would like to do with them.

  • Diann

    Pick me – Pick me! I sure would like to create something beautiful with these!

  • Debbie Carlos

    I love those colors!! I am thinking i have a beautiful pendant that would go well with this!

  • I’ve been waiting for Swarovski to come out with aqua or turquoise blue, I love the color and the new small sizes, I can’t wait to try them out!

  • I love love love the crystal and turqouise! It reminds me of icy cold running river in the Colorado mountains. The kind of winter one experienced decades ago before civilization could reach it. Brrrrr

  • Sotiria Iliadou

    I love the fact that light grey and turquoise combined give the feeling of the autumn sky…!!!

  • My favorite is the Crystal Blue Shade Swarovski Elements Crystal Wave Bead, it’s so unique! Would be perfect for earrings

  • linda Cowser

    The new colors are beautiful especially the turquoise!

  • Cyn Tolstyga

    Lovely, inviting colors to help usher in fall and compliment the hues of Autumn. I love the color combo’s that on can come up with using these colors and the popular colors of today. I might compliment these by using them as primary accent color blue on a fall necklace. The blue is so calming and invites me to make lovely things!

  • The stunning turquoise blue crystal combined with the gray crystal pearl would make a breathtaking focal point necklace when mixed with sparkly seed beads. I can’t wait to start beading.

  • Melissa

    I am most inspired by the cool icy shades of these beads and the winter jewelry I could make with them.

  • Karla Broadfoot

    the blues remind me of the fast fading days of summer by the sea… beautiful..

  • The sheer brilliance of the blues is amazing! Reminds me of the greatest sky or the clearest ocean! great for rings and more!


    I am so in love with the cool tones of this fall/winter collection. The blue and turquoise hues and silver accents beckon winter snows and frosty temps. I would absolutely LOVE to work with these!!!

  • Marcella

    I like the subtlety of the colours. Elegant, classic with a enough colour to pop; drawn you in.

  • Bridget

    I love the blues!

  • Linda Pearl

    I like to use unexpected shapes and colors..These beauties, along with my stash of goodies,would create magic.

  • I am inspired by the beauty of it all and would make a statement piece fit for an ice queen!!!

  • Edna Garcia

    I love the colors. They go so well together! I can already see what I would do with them.

  • Colleen Marks

    These colors just scream winter and would make beautiful pieces for my best friend’s December wedding.

  • Memories of summer , reminds me of the seas ans skies of a beautiful summers day

  • Thank you for letting mr enter

  • I would love to create with these…the Colorado are perfect!

  • Barbara Deere

    All Swarovski products are inspiring to me!!

  • The Colors……Omg…spell check hell lol